Subaru's version of Toyota's FT-86 rear-wheel drive coupe might change the way people think of the brand |

When you think about Subaru, a few things come to mind, from the performance it offers with its Impreza, to the all-wheel drive system it employs on every model. But if it will actually release its own version of the rear-wheel drive coupe it has been developing in partnership with Toyota, it will certainly change that.

Seeing as how the Toyota FT-86 concept, which came to life due to the collaboration between the two companies, already enjoys a fair amount of popularity, due to the many Celica fans, Subaru is very inclined to bring its own take on the concept to life.

But speaking with Wards Auto, the spokesman for Subaru USA, Michael McHale, revealed that “We’re an all-wheel drive brand,” but also mentioned that: “If it doesn’t affect the core of the brand, maybe we’d bring it in as an interesting option.”

So even though a rear-wheel drive coupe might change the way people view Subaru, it might be a worthwhile gamble for the Japanese company. If not, McHale also said that he hopes the customers will be able to “forgive us a one-off exception.”

What do you believe? Should Subaru keep on developing the rear-wheel drive coupe or should it place its resources into the Impreza and its all-wheel drive system? Leave a comment with your view.

Source: Wards Auto via Autoblog

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