Subaru's version of Toyota's FT-86 will featured all-wheel drive, turbocharged engine from WRX STI |

We all know about the joint effort between Subaru and Toyota, which focused on creating a performance sports coupe, with a rear-wheel drive system, in order for Toyota to recapture a segment which it dominated with the Celica, and for Subaru to enter a brand new realm, and to sell more of its Boxer engines.

But it seems, as we have seen in a spy video a few weeks ago, that Subaru wants to add its own flavor to this sports coupe, and, according to recent rumors, it will fit it with the famous all-wheel drive system, characteristic of any Subaru model, and in order to be a more enthusiastic alternative to the FT-86 (which might be named Celica), will feature the turbocharged 2-liter Boxer engine currently found on the Impreza WRX STI.

This will also prevent the two sports coupes from attacking each other’s potential userbase, as the FT-86 will target those who want pure rear-wheel performance, and the 216A, how the sources are calling it, will tackle those who want safety but also a different type of experience than what the Impreza could offer.

All we know is that we will be getting two very interesting coupes in the near future, and that makes any car enthusiast quite happy.

Source: 7Tune via Automarket

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