Supermodel Jessica Stam is the Mercedes-Benz Concept A-Class image –

This beautiful 25 years old canadian is one of the top 15 best payed supermodels in the world. Some of her latest gigs include a Vogue cover in Octomber 2011 and a Victoria’s Secret contract which stars her on every Parisian catwalk.

Terry Richardson was the photographer for this Mercedes-Benz shoot meant to promote the company’s Fashion Week. He is known for his fashion works that tend to exploit the sexual side of his models, not rarely Richardson being acused of focusing on the sexual graphics of the pictures instead of highlighting the intended product.

On a closer look at Jessica Stam’s apparel for this photo shoot, the Class-A concept endorses the presence of at least one beatiful woman near the car, even though she may or may not be the driver.


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