Suzuki ending partnership with GM, finds comfort with Volkswagen |

According to Reuters Japanese carmaker Suzuki is preparing to end its collaboration with General Motors, after the two companies worked extensively on both hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell technologies.

The Asian carmaker, as you may know, has recently seen 19.9% of its stock bought by Volkswagen, which became the largest share holder, a position formerly held by GM. As such, it seems that the Japanese company will break its ties with the US and start working more closely with the European company.

“Suzuki is in a comprehensive alliance with Volkswagen. In every field including hybrid, diesel and electric cars, we will carry out joint development with them, or we will learn from them,” revealed Osamu Suzuki, chairman and chief executive of the company.

It is also expected for Suzuki to stop collaborating with the PSA Peugeot Citroen group, with which it has been sharing diesel engines. As you know, VW is more than willing to share its TDI tech in order to strengthen its ties with the Japanese company, which will be the key to its expansion on the Asian market.

Source: Reuters via Autoblog