Suzuki won't sell any more stocks to Volkswagen, says company CEO |

Volkswagen is taking some serious steps in becoming the world’s largest carmaker, with some reports pegging the fact to be true. That hasn’t stopped the company from continuing its growth, with the latest acquisition being 19.9% of Suzuki.

Part of the purchase will be a closer relationship with the Japanese company, with Suzuki offering small car technology, and VW things like its TDI diesel engines. But what happens if the German company wants to increase its stake in the Asian company?

Suzuki will decline, at least according to its CEO Osamu Suzuki, which revealed that an answer closer to “let’s continue as we are,” will be given. This does make sense, but let’s not forget that he also revealed prior to the deal between his company and VW, that there are no such plans, which turned out to be false.

While VW did reveal that it will not acquire any more companies in the near future, I’m certain that if the partnership is successful, it will increase its control over Suzuki.

Source: Automotive News via Autoblog

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