Sydney Preview: Volkswagen Touareg R50 |

At the upcoming Australian Motor Show which will take place in Sydney starting October 11th, Volkswagen will present the Touareg R50. No official release, but VW said that the high performance SUV will be powered by a V10 TDI engine which develops 315 hp / 230kW and 750Nm of torque. Handling is improved by a modified suspension and also bigger wheels and tires are available.

The VW Touareg R50 will also feature a body kit which gives a more aggressive look and the interior will probably have aluminium trim like the other current VW R models (the Golf R32 and the Passat R36). With this model, probably Volkswagen wants to keep up with the X5 or the Porsche Cayenne. Will it work? Well, we’ll have to wait for the Sydney Show launch to tell.

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