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3 cars for Cat Women

Our colleagues from Carwoo have selected 3 car models which they considered to perfectly suit “cat women”. And when we say cat women who mean literally cat women, meaning women who like cats. Maybe this is not a criteria for whether to buy or not to buy a car, but it’s fun to see how a car can say so much about a woman’s preferences in pets.

So, let’s see the list:

Buick Lacrosse: yes, it’s not a mistake. Although you would be tempted to consider this a car for “old ladies” instead of a car for cat women, Buick LaCrosse looks pretty good: refined and elegant. Why it’s perfect for cats? Because it offers a smooth ride and your cat is protected by the road noise.

Ford Taurus: it’s an affordable car, perfect for cats due to its sheers size and roomier interior. Plus, its top-of-the-line interior electronics and Sync infotainment system help you keep focused and drive safe with your cat.

GMC Acadia: it’s the largest cars from the three mentioned in this article. An important feature which should count when you drive with your cat is the tri-zone climate control, which maintains temperature consistency during the ride. In this way you won’t risk your car getting sick.

Have you ever ride with your cat? Which car have you used?

[Source: Carwoo, Intro photo, Photos]

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Women and Leadership – but what cars have to do with this?

We have randomly found an infographic on a website, talking about the rise of women in leadership. The result of the analysis looks quite feminist, we must say, but the utility of this kind of research is huge. What if car makers would take advantage of these facts and use them in order to create a car which to match perfectly the profile of the woman who has the strength and knowledge to lead? Or what if they would just concentrate more on producing cars for the next generation of women or for the current habits of men? That would be really useful and “future-exploration” tactic.

Do you recognize yourself in the profile of the woman who leads?

[Source: Caradvice]

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Women’s attention and cars

When it comes to men, women have a curious way of having their interest awaken and once this is up, they show it into a strange way. But we are not here to talk about how interesting women are, but about how men can get their attention by driving the right car. So, we have found a list of cars that might get men multiple dates:

Range Rover Sport: it’s the perfect combination of performance, luxury and utility. And it’s perfect for outdoor dates.

Nissan 370Z: it comes in convertible version too and it’s sports, even if it’s cheaper than an usual sports supercar. You know, women don’t think about the price of the car when they notice it’s convertible.

Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Coupe: leather seats, a 451 HP V8 capable of 4.4 second 0-60 times and PARKTRONIC with Parking Assist – which makes you park like a boss and gives you that great look, the one that impresses any woman.

Acura TL: following the principle that you don’t need to drive expensive cars, but stylish ones, Acura TL might help you with that. And it has plenty of space in the inside, you know, in case it’s needed.

Audi A5: standard turbocharged 211 HP engine, great look and some luxury details in the inside – any woman can’t resist this.

What car you were driving when you met your girlfriend / wife?

[Source: Carwoo, Intro photo, Photos]

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Women and Car Quotes

Women were always mocked for not knowing very much about cars. Or they were compared with cars, in this way, for instance:

“Women are like cars: we all want a Ferrari, sometimes want a pickup truck, and end up with a station wagon.”

or in this way:

“If Women were Cars, then the men would save more fuel…nobody wants a car that decides where to go, when to go and for how long.”

Mostly, these are generated by men. Hmm, not a very comfortable position for women, we’d say!

But there are also quotes that flatter women or at least should motivate them (disregarding them is not an option). Here are some examples:

“In less enlightened times, the best way to impress women was to own a hot car. But women wised up and realized it was better to buy their own hot cars so they wouldn’t have to ride around with jerks.”

“When a man opens a car door for his wife, it’s either a new car or a new wife.”

“Men like cars, women like clothes. Women only like cars because they take them to clothes.”

What other quotes with cars and women do you know?

[Source: Coolnsmart, Famousquotesandauthors, Thinkexist, Photo]

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Need For Speed: The Run and Sports Illustrated Behind the Scenes – part I

Irina Shayk and Chrissy Teigen had lots of fun during the making of Need For Speed: The Run and we can tell you for sure: it’s going to be a hot winter.

In the video below you can see what the two Sports Illustrated models think about the game and hear their opinions about their two characters.

We’ll have the chance to know more about Nikki and Mila in the following month, meanwhile, check out the first part of the behind the scenes video.

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Cars for short women

When you are a short person, you may have some problems with seeing over the dashboard of your car or with the limited sight range / leg length that should be taken into account by car manufacturers.

So, our colleagues from Carwoo have made a list of cars perfect to be driven by short women. The list includes three models, so pay attention to their suggestions:

Hyundai Elantra – is a car created by a Korean carmaker, so it’s the result of a better understanding of the necessities of a petite woman when it comes to cars, as Koreans are smaller in stature. So, the car features a rearview camera (which reveals all the blind spots), side mirrors with turn signal indicators – a way to make sure others see you, although you don’t always see them -, a telescoping steering wheel (which adjusts to your body), adjustable driver seat – for a perfect view on the road.

Porsche Cayman S – is sleekly small, with adjustable seats in every direction – which can be saved, so that whenever you unlock the vehicle, the car to automatically set the seats to your favorite and most comfortable positions. Well, these are not cheap options on a car.

Honda Fit – good price, wonderful style. It has plenty of storage space, a tilt and telescoping steering wheel and a second row Magic Seat.

So, what other car would you add to this list?

[Source: Carwoo, Photos, Intro Photo]

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Ladies, spot the car to get the single guy

It comes a time (most times around 30) when a woman has to take her faith of lonely soul in her hands and do something to change her status from “single” to “into a relationship”, and not only on Facebook, but actually in real life. And, even more important, is to find a man who to be selfish enough not to share his “masculinity” with other women in the same time with being your “so called” exclusive partner. This is why we thought to take advantage of the Carwoo suggestions of new cars for single guys to help women to spot the perfect man for a real relationship.

So, dear ladies, if you ever see one of these cars on the streets with a man driving, you should take into consideration the fact that man could be single and looking:

Chevy Volt

Range Rover Evoque

Dodge Challenger

Chevy Camaro

Audi A5

BMW 3 Series

Nissan 370Z

Cadillac CTS Coupe

Honda CR-Z

Ford Focus ST

Whatr other cars single guys usually drive?
[Source: Carwoo, Photos, Intro Photo]

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Perfect Cars for “Back to College” Time

Our colleagues from Carwoo have made a top of the most suitable cars for your young child, when it’s time for him to go back to college life. And we all know how important is to make the right impression, so that to avoid the campus’s judgment. First, it’s important that a campus car to be functional when it comes to economy, people moving and durability. And the next cars respect all these rules.

So, here are the first five cars suggested to be a student’s best choice:

Ford Fiesta – 4-door sedan/5-door hatchback, around $15,500 Fiesta, 33 combined MPG,lacks cargo space (so much needed when it comes to moving your stuff in your dorm room).

Honda Fit – around $15,175, fuel economy- up to 31 combined MPG with 5-speed Fit automatic, sporty performance.

Chevrolet Sonic – starting $13,735, two engine choices, a 1.8L inline-4 at 138 HP or a turbocharged 1.4L with 148 lb.-ft. of torque, up to 40 MPG.

VW Golf – starts at $17,965, with TDI option which offers you 42 highway MPG.

Kia Forte – starting under $20,000, a trio of trims- sedan, 5-door hatchback, and ‘Koup’ (coupe), up to 37 highway MPG.

The next suggestions are: Ford Focus, Hyundai Accent, Mazda 3, Hyundai Veloster and Fiat 500. You can find the list of the other cars from the top here.

So, which one is your favorite?

[Source: Carwoo, Photos, Intro photo]

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5 Ways To Avoid A Crash Like A Pro

1. Stop time the instant that the crash happens, get everyone to safety then let it rip. Video tape it for fun, it won’t hurt.

2. Have sex in your car with the engine running and no handbreak. End it just before you crash 20 stories down. Thank God for premature ejaculation.

3. Live eco. Build a tree when you’re a kid and have it grow at the same time you do. When the time comes, use it to block an incoming race car.

4. Wear a seatbelt!

5. Learn Kung-Fu and do a Ninja flip when necessary.

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Mad man drives a fire truck in an airport

The police did not do a good job in taking control so the crazy man jumped on the driver’s seat of a fire department vehicle and started running around in circles through the airport.

After five minutes he crashed and got caught. Like a youtube user well said: all that was missing was some Benny Hill music.


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Buying Car At Auction

Since dealers don’t offer the best solutions to the average Joe that can’t afford to pull $20.000 for a decent new car, more and more clients have diverted their attention from dealers to auctions. Here we will some of the car auctions types, see the advantages and disadvantages of each type of auction and so on. Here you can answer the question “should I head for a car auction to buy my car?”

If we were to look in a dictionary, an auction is defined as a public sale in which valuable items are sold to the highest bidder. It may sound simple enough, but that word can cause a wide array of emotions starting from excitement to disappointment. The simple process of placing an ad in the paper can be an auction since you will eventually sell the car to the person that offers you the most for it.

Buying Car At Auction

When entering in an auction house don’t expect any solidarity because in a bid it’s every man for himself. Despite the fact that the laws might have intended to protect the customer, they actually protect those who rip off the customer. By the simple use of 2 words like “As Is” an excellent defense has been given to a defense lawyer that protects the seller. At some auction houses you may pay a fee to receive a 30 day “warranty” for the engine, frame and bodywork. Yet the phrase “Buyer Beware” becomes very important at auctions since you don’t have time to get a mechanic to check out the condition of the car. Therefore each car is sold “As Is” and no warranty to cover it. The deal is final without the possibility of undoing it, unless you find out that the title is fraudulent.

Sellers are completely free to make any kind of promise without having anything in writing. Since there is no written contract, you have only your word against theirs, and they win all the time, since they claimed you were warned that the car is sold “As Is”. Therefore you should always be careful around auctions. If you feel that something is wrong like a very low starting price, than you should follow that instinct. Don’t think that the law will protect you in case of any scams because they won’t and since there is no written condition, you only have your word in court. A lawyer won’t even bother to talk to you if your car is a common used one, and not something of real value from which he may take some profit.

Another thing that places you in a bit of a disadvantage is the fact that you will always pay more for your car than you’ve bid. These premiums represent the commissions the auction house earns from each bid. That premium can mean a hundred or two extra which is not bad, but other auction houses charge 5 or even 10% of the winning bid which is quite a lot. Think about it, you’ve just won a used Audi with a $20.000 bid and afterwards you find out that you’ve got to pull $1000 extra to finally get the car. Tactic works like magic since usually bidders get caught up in the race for the car, and they forget about other taxes and premiums that ultimately go to the auction house. That premium may tip the price over a reasonable price, and you can’t back out either since you have been the designated winner. The same thing you could’ve obtained at a used car dealer

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14 year old tries Fast Five stunt and wrecks Ford Mustang

Just one hour after his father bought this beauty, the kid decided to show off in front of his friends and cause some Fast Five kind of damage.

Look what happens when 50.000 $ worth of Ford Mustang gets in anyone’s hands except Dom Torretto. Hit the theatres to see some real Fast Five action.


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Fast and Furious 6 is on the way

We got lucky. Our patience did not left us and we stayed for the ending credits of Fast Five. We got to witness and see the breadcrumbs the producer left us.

Two more minutes of FBI searching for criminals on wheels. They found something. Looks like Fast and Furious 6 is on the way with Michelle Rodriguez in the cast again as Letty. No other details are yet exposed, but we’ll keep you posted with updates.

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Fast Five’s Dwayne Johnson interview

Probably the biggest FBI agent ever in a movie, The Rock talks about his experence as a Fast Five cast member, about Brazil and about his co-star Vin Diesel.

In Fast Five Dwayne fights Vin in an epil 4 minutes battle which you should not miss.


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Fast Five exceeds budget with US gross only

The estimated budget for Fast Five went all the way to 125 million dollars. If you ask us, our guess is on those wrecked police cars in Rio. But who cares?

After another week, Fast Five sold tickets worth of 140 million benjamins in US only. Now that’s a winner. Totally deserved money.

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