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Citroen DS4 Racing hot hatch might arrive soon enough

Citroen DS4 Racing hot hatch might arrive soon enough

When the Citroen DS3 Racing hot hatch was revealed, many people were extremely excited about the limited edition sporty compact.

Now, as the Citroen DS4 has just been revealed a few weeks ago, rumors about a high performance Racing version are already flying around the web.

According to the rumor mongers at AutoExpress, a Citroen DS4 Racing is just a matter of time. The French company will apply the same philosophy as on the hotter DS3, and will throw in dozens of unique customization options, to differentiate the sporty DS4 from the regular model.

According to the British magazine, the future Citroen DS4 Racing will be using the new Hybrid4 technology, as seen on the Peugeot 3008, but combine the 96 HP electric motor with the 200 HP developed by the 1.6-liter THP gasoline engine.

As you can imagine, the DS4 Racing will pack one heck a punch, if it turns out to be true. Features like upgraded suspension, steering and brakes are also rumored, in order to keep that power under control. Seeing as how it uses the Hybrid4 system, all-wheel drive is a given, with rear-wheel drive only available in electric mode. Also, expect the fuel average and emissions to be extremely low, given its high power output.

Frankly, after seeing the CItroen DS3 Racing, a DS4 performance model might be even better.