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2009 MINI Cooper S Cabrio Test Drive

MINI Cooper S Cabrio Test Drive

It’s been some time since I left the MINI Cooper S Cabrio back with the BMW guys and I still have a big, stupid smile on my face every time I think about it. Why? Because, without doubt, it was the most fun car I drove since I started Auto Unleashed/Rpmgo. So, let’s see why I was so thrilled about it: (more…)

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RPMGO test drives update

It looks like the summer is one of the most crowded seasons with test drives, because we had and will have the chance to have a lot of fun in all kind of cars. So here’s what we did and will do soon:

- We have really, really great news, because we reached an important milestone in our history: our first long-term test. We’re really excited about this and I’ll tell you more details next week.

- I didn’t have any spare time recently, but soon I’ll post the full impressions about the Mercedes E Coupe I drove about two months ago;

- Three weeks ago we drove the facelifted BMW 320d xDrive Touring. Good car, for what it’s suppose to do, but not that fun;

- This weekend I drove the facelifted BMW 330d xDrive (pictured above) and I took it for a ride to the mountains and oh boy, it was really, really fun;

- Next week, we’re gonna drive the new MINI Cooper S Cabrio for a few days and even though I haven’t been the biggest MINI fan, I’m really expecting a thrilling experience;

- At the special Citroen event we attended two weeks ago, we took the new Citroen C3 Picasso for a short spin and soon we’ll take it for a few days and see what it can do;

- We’re also currently talking with the guys from Jaguar and soon we might take the XF for a test drive. I’m really excited about this, because, as I said it a lot in the past, it’s one of my favorite brands and I hope the car won’t dissapoint me.

We also have some other things planned, but so far nothing’s sure, so I’ll let you know once everything’s settled.


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