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New FT-86 App from Toyota

In December, at the Tokyo Motor Show in Japan, Toyota will launch its long-awaited FT-86 rear-wheel drive sports coupe. Until then, Toyota has presented a new dedicated app for Apple iPhone and iPod users.

What this app do? Apparently, it offers to its users the possibility to place a digital rendering of the FT-86 on videos and photos they take on the streets. After that, by using the app, they can post them to the program on the interactive movie website “FT-86 World Report”.

For the moment, the app is available for free in Apple iTunes store.

You should try it and share your impression, here, on our blog!

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Car Recalls App

Today we present you another automotive app: Car Recalls. This app allows you to add some vehicles to a list and then look up recall information for each of the vehicles from the list. As recall is a part of every driver’s experience, this app can help.

This app keeps you in touch with all the information about the current recalls on any vehicle and you can set up alerts for any recalls that may occur for a particular make or model that you are interested in. In case you are interested into a used vehicle, the app helps not to buy a car with already identified problems.

So, all you have to do is to introduce a vehicle, the year of the model and the “make” or “model”, using the scrolling lists. For all the recalls displayed, you can ask for further details and then email them. In addition to this, you can set up alerts to be sent to your phone whenever a new recall appears for the car model that you monitor. You can also delete the car model completely from your list of vehicles from the app.

What other options would you find useful for this app to have in order to help you in case of a car recall?

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BMW’s Ultimate Drive Mobile App Provides World’s Best Roads

Driving has become an experience that causes headaches whenever our GPS indicates us bad roads or when the alternative routes to avoid congested areas are in the works. BMW has tried to solve problems generated by bad roads by creating an app for iPhone and Android devices, which successfully blends technology with driver engagement.

The app is called The Ultimate Drive and it provides the nearest best roads for driving, also allowing drivers to add routes to a database, to which any user of the app has access. A brief tutorial explains you when you open the app how the app works, how to find or add routes. It also alerts you whenever a new drive is added in you are and it features the option to send you favorite routes to an email address or to Facebook, to port the maps to another GPS devices or app.

The Ultimate Drive can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Android Marketplace.

So, what do you think about BMW’s app?

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Shopping App for Smart Phones – from GMC

Nowadays there’s a new trend: one of two smart phone owners use their devices as a shopping tool. In addition to this, according to Gartner Mobile Marketing Watch, smart phones global market has an 85 percent year-over-year growth.

Therefore, it is not surprising that GMC has adapted to this reality and introduced a mobile app which allows its potential buyers to shop, and even to compare, configure and search for GMC vehicles. The entire process is actually a GMC Showroom Mobile experience.

So, whatever you think that you should do before buying a car included into this free app: you can explore photos and videos of the vehicles; you can configure the specifications according to your personal needs and preferences; you can compare different models of cars. After all this, the app locates the vehicle within local dealer inventories and gives you information about the current offers. If you want, you can also choose to schedule a dealer test drive.

“We recognize that smart phones play an important role in our customers’ lives, including purchase decisions. (…) The new GMC Showroom App provides our customers with the advanced technology they have come to expect of the GMC brand and the convenience to easily engage with their GMC dealer.”
said John Schwegman, U.S. vice president of GMC marketing.

The GMC Showroom App will be launched by the end of July and it can be found in Apple App Store.

So, what do you think about GMC’s initiative?

[Source: GMC]

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Formula1.com 2011 Application

For those days when you don’t feel like watching TV, but you don’t want to miss Formula 1 either, F1.com has found a wonderful solution that keeps you updated with the latest events from the track racing: it’s formula1.com 2011, a free application for you smartphone. It starts on the day a race is scheduled, and sends notifications about the laps. By only using a 3G, rolling text commentaries, as well as live timing from the F1 Management’s Technical Centre appear on the screen.

In addition to this, the application can beam weather and track temperature back to the phone whenever they change. It also functions as a backup source of information of the season’s races once the race is finished. The application is simple to use, which allows you to easily navigate through its options.

What it lacks is a video feed or highlight reels from races, but those can be watched on Formula1.com website.

So, what do you thing about the application? Is it useful for a Formula 1 enthusiast?

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What Traffic Signs Have in Common with Fiat Punto Evo Features?

A new revolution into the automobile-mobile joint happened: the world’s first not-printed car catalog, Fiat Street Evo, available on every street from the city. Actually, we are talking about an application launched by Leo Burnett Iberia which recognizes traffic signs and transforms them into all the features of the Fiat Punto Evo car. How is this possible?

By capturing the signs with the app, the interpretation of signs uses the same system as those would be QR codes and associates to every sign the features directly related to that specific sign. For example, for the parking sign, the app presents the parking sensors the car has.

In addition, this virtual and interactive catalog shows you the location to the nearest Fiat dealer, to see the car on your own for real and even schedule a test drive.


We truly believe this is a handy cool easy to use application, which saves you from getting bored by reading the classic catalogs. But, what do you think about it? Do you find it useful and pleasant?

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[press release] OnStar Mobile App Expands to China

OnStar is the first company to introduce an automotive mobile app in China

SHANGHAI – Today at the 2011 Shanghai Auto Show, Shanghai OnStar announced the debut of the popular OnStar Mobile App for all drivers of OnStar-equipped vehicles in China.

The app is the first automotive mobile app available in China and is similar to the U.S. and Canadian versions. It will allow OnStar subscribers in China access to all of the functions of a traditional key fob – remote start, horn and lights and door lock/unlock – securely from their smart phones.

“Giving our customers control of their vehicles with smart phone application technology is a key advantage of OnStar’s in-vehicle connectivity,” said Jon Hyde, general manager of Shanghai OnStar Telematics Co., Ltd, “This technology empowers drivers to have control over important vehicle information from anywhere they happen to be.”

In addition, the app will provide subscribers with key diagnostic information, including fuel level and range, remaining oil life, current and recommended tire pressure and lifetime average kilometers per liter. The diagnostic information is current as of the last vehicle start, giving OnStar subscribers an up-to-date status report of their vehicle when they need it.

“OnStar is continuously raising the bar in telematics and safety leadership as well as applying the newest and best technology for our customers in China,” said Hyde. “It is our vision to be the single most-admired telematics player with a clear focus on providing subscribers safety, security and peace-of-mind services.”

OnStar mobile app services will be available to all OnStar-equipped vehicles, including existing subscribers as well as new subscribers. For more information about the OnStar mobile application, please visit www.onstar.com.cn.

The U.S. and Canadian versions of the app are available on most 2011 Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac models, and a select number of 2010 models. The complete list of compatible vehicles is available at www.onstar.com/mobile.

About Shanghai OnStar Telematics Co., Ltd.

Shanghai OnStar Telematics Service Co., Ltd. is a joint venture officially established by General Motors, SAIC Group and Shanghai GM on October, 2009. OnStar is the leading provider of in-vehicle safety, security and peace of mind for Shanghai GM models manufactured and sold in China.

OnStar, parent company of Shanghai OnStar Telematics Service Co., aims at improving vehicle safety. Up till now, OnStar has 6 million customers all over the world and 253 million customer interactions. OnStar receives high praise from its customers and is the telematics industry leader.

OnStar provides the following 14 services in China:

  • Automatic crash response
  • Emergency services
  • Automatic air bag deployment response
  • OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics
  • On-demand diagnostics
  • Good Samaritan
  • Stolen vehicle location
  • Remote door unlock
  • Remote horn and lights
  • Roadside assistance
  • Hands-free calling
  • Points of interest
  • Turn-by-Turn Navigation
  • Destination Download

About OnStar

OnStar, a wholly owned subsidiary of General Motors, is the leading provider of connected safety and security solutions, value-added mobility services and advanced information technology. Currently available on more than 40 MY 2011 GM models, OnStar soon will be available for installation on most other vehicles already on the road through local electronics retailers, including Best Buy. OnStar safely connects its more than six million subscribers, in the U.S., Canada and China, in ways never thought possible. OnStar Stolen Vehicle Slowdown is a recipient of the 2010 Edison Award for Best New Product in the technology category. More information about OnStar can be found at www.onstar.com.

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[press release] OnStar Previews a Connected Future at Where 2.0

Student developers will present final OnStar app ideas at O’Reilly conference

DETROIT – OnStar heads to the O’Reilly Where 2.0 Conference Tuesday through Thursday with an eye on the future of automotive and digital connectivity. OnStar will be represented at the conference with a keynote address, panel discussion, interactive exhibit and presentations of student-developed apps.

In his keynote speech Wednesday, Nick Pudar, OnStar vice president of Planning and Business Development, will talk about the future of automotive connectivity and destination management, and will announce additional services for the OnStar Mobile App.

“Where 2.0 presents us with a great opportunity to share our vision for the future of personal mobility and connectivity, both inside and outside the automobile,” said Pudar.

Wednesday afternoon, finalists in the OnStar Student Developer Challenge will present their voice-based app submissions to judges. The students’ mission was to develop the most original and compelling in-vehicle, voice-enabled application using OnStar’s unique data model and QuickFuse, a voice application development platform.

Students from five universities, Carnegie Mellon University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), University of Michigan, University of Texas and University of Toledo, participated in the challenge. Six apps were selected as finalists. Each team received an all-expenses-paid trip to the conference to present the apps.

Judges will review the apps and announce the grand prize winner at an evening reception. The winner may choose one of two Developer Dream Packages, each valued at $10,000.

“We’re thrilled to give these students a chance to attend and present at such a distinguished technology conference. It’s a fantastic opportunity to meet and network with some of the brightest minds in the business, while also gaining valuable insight into the world of app development,” said Pudar.

Judges are Robert Scoble, noted tech influencer and managing director of Rackspace; Daniel Jacobson, director of engineering for the API at Netflix; and OnStar chief technology officer Jeff Liedel. Scoble and Jacobson will also take part in a panel discussion – moderated by Pudar – on the convergence of technology, the social web and personal connectivity.

OnStar will also host an exhibit where media and conference participants can meet OnStar executives, see demonstrations of OnStar’s most recent technologies – such as the OnStar Mobile App in and around the Chevrolet Volt – recharge their mobile devices.

About OnStar
OnStar, a wholly owned subsidiary of General Motors, is the leading provider of connected safety and security solutions, value-added mobility services and advanced information technology. Currently available on more than 40 MY 2011 GM models, OnStar soon will be available for installation on most other vehicles already on the road through local electronics retailers, including Best Buy. OnStar safely connects its more than six million subscribers, in the U.S., Canada and China, in ways never thought possible. More information about OnStar can be found at www.onstar.com.

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Connectivity of Ford Focus Electric

Many car manufacturers have tried lately to make consumers’ lives easier by announcing different types of applications for smartphones, as a way to blend their new car models with the latest technological devices. In the same direction goes Ford too, one of its latest measure being the partnership with AT&T to provide connectivity for the 2012 Ford Electric.

Apparently, the partnership involves an embedded wireless connection and helps the drivers that already use MyFord Mobile app to supervise and schedule the charging, to receive notifications about battery status and about maintenance checks. In addition, MapQuest provides the near locations of charging stations, alerts, trip planning and the location of your vehicle. All those are completed by the possibility to remotely lock and unlock doors, to heat and cool the car interior and to download system data, offered by the MyFord app or, if this missing, by HTML5-based or WAP 2.0-supported browser.

So, do you think this app will help you in some way?

[Source: Autoblog]

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