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Drag between a Ferarri and a Volvo Truck. Guess Who Won

Have you ever heard of Boije Ovebrink? What about the Mean Green?

The custom made for drag racing Volvo Truck Mean Green challenged a Ferrari 360 Modena to a quarter mile.



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[press release] Brains and Brawn – Chevy Silverado for 2012

Design updates and navigation radio complement proven capability and fuel efficiency

DETROIT – Chevrolet Silverado bolsters its position as the segment’s most capable and diverse lineup with enhancements for 2012 that improve appearance, comfort and connectivity.

New front-end designs, available heated/cooled seats (LTZ models) and a special White Diamond Edition enhance appearance and comfort, and a new navigation radio delivers on connectivity. It offers an updated screen and integrated hard drive that eliminates the need for discs with map data. Silverado also offers segment-exclusive OnStar and SiriusXM satellite radio, as well as Bluetooth and USB connectivity – and a dealer-installed Wi-Fi system.

With the exception of Hybrid models, all Silverado 1500s now feature Trailer Sway Control and Hill Start Assist as part of the StabiliTrak electronic stability control system, enhancing performance under a variety of driving and trailering conditions.

“Silverado’s dependable V-8 performance, highly competitive fuel economy, and broad range of models continue to have a strong appeal to truck customers, and Silverado sales were up 7 percent through July of this year,” said Maria Rohrer, Chevrolet Truck marketing director. “The changes for 2012 enhance the rugged and capable Silverado with a fresh, updated design and available navigation radio and Wi-Fi systems that can make driving more convenient and enjoyable.”

The new and revised design for 2012 includes a chrome mesh grille matched with either a chrome surround on LS and LT models or a body-color surround on LTZ. LS and LT models now feature a silver-painted lower bumper fascia that is more aerodynamic on 2WD models without tow hooks, and a new 20-inch chrome-clad aluminum wheel.

Four new exterior colors: Silver Ice Metallic, Mocha Steel Metallic, Carbon Flash Metallic, and Graystone have been added. Two new interior color combinations are available: Dark Titanium/Light Titanium and Dark Cashmere/Light Cashmere.

Cruise control and a spare tire lock are now standard on all Silverado 1500 models.

The White Diamond Edition is available in LT or LTZ trim. Content includes a unique White Diamond Tricoat exterior color, chrome mirror caps and door handles, and body side moldings with chrome accents on LT models. The LTZ version adds the Z60 high-performance suspension package, 20-inch chrome-clad aluminum wheels, touring tires and a chrome tow hook and exhaust tip package.

Customers seeking a more rugged-looking Silverado can choose the Z71 Off-Road Appearance Package. It is available on LT and LTZ extended cab and crew cab models equipped with the Z71 suspension and includes Rancho front and rear shocks, body colored front end appearance, 18-inch aluminum wheels with on/off-road tires, fog lamps, bold Z71 graphics and more.

Purposeful technology
Silverado offers a number of technical features that enhance its capability for both work and recreation, including new navigation radio. It offers an enhanced display and now has a hard drive that eliminates the need for discs with map data. Silverado also is equipped with segment-exclusive OnStar Directions & Connections with Turn-by-Turn Navigation and Automatic Crash Response, SiriusXM satellite radio, Bluetooth for phone and USB connectivity.
Chevrolet WiFi powered by Autonet, available through Chevy dealers, turns the Silverado into a mobile internet hot spot and an office on wheels, providing multiple users with full internet access inside the vehicle or up to 150 feet from the exterior of the vehicle.

For work sites, Chevy WiFi offers instant access to online ordering sites, municipal sites with building permits and building code information and more. For families on the go, passengers can connect with friends on social media sites, stream videos, find maps, check weather or search for fishing and camping sites.

Silverado also offers comprehensive confidence and control features. Trailer sway control, which uses the truck and trailer brakes and the powertrain controls to keep the vehicle and trailer on the intended path, is now part of StabiliTrak, as is Hill Start Assist, which avoids roll-back before accelerating on inclines.

Silverado’s 6-speed transmission is enhanced so that in normal mode the transmission downshifts during deceleration to use engine compression to assist in braking to slow the vehicle more efficiently, reducing brake wear. This Cruise Grade Braking feature now works in and out of Tow/Haul mode and applies to 1500 models with the 5.3-liter and 6.2-liter V8 engines

Custom Sport Truck Package
Looking to provide full-size pickup owners with more amenities is nothing new for Chevrolet. In 1967, Chevrolet introduced the Custom Sport Truck package. That package included a chrome front bumper, bright trim and badging on the exterior and full carpeting, 40/20/40 bucket seats (a Chevy truck first) with underseat storage, and chrome interior details. It was a hit and sales increased each of its three years.

To celebrate the 45th Anniversary, Chevrolet is reintroducing the Custom Sport Truck package with updated content for today’s buyers. The package includes:
• Vortec 5.3L V8 engine
• 6-Speed automatic transmission
• Heavy-duty trailering package
• Automatic locking rear differential
• Heated power-adjustable, manual-folding outside mirrors with chrome caps
• 20-inch chrome-clad aluminum wheels
• Bodyside moldings with chrome accents
• Chrome door handles
• EZ-Lift locking tailgate
• Power driver seat
• Steering wheel controls
• Bluetooth phone connectivity
• Audio system with USB port
• Dual zone automatic climate control
• Fog lamps

The Custom Sport Truck package is available nationwide on Silverado 1500 Extended Cab models and in California, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Florida and select counties in Arizona, New Mexico, Arkansas, Kansas, Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi on Silverado 1500 Crew Cab models.

Capability and efficiency
The Silverado 1500 lineup is built on GM’s full-size truck architecture, which supports a smooth ride and confident handling. A lineup of powerful small-block V-8 engines and six-speed automatic transmissions complement the strong chassis by enabling a maximum payload capacity of 1,937 pounds (879 kg) on the 2WD crew cab (with the Max Trailering Package).

When equipped with the available Max Trailering Package and the 6.2L V8, the Silverado 1500 can tow up to 10,700 pounds (4,853 kg).

Thanks to ongoing development and fuel-saving technologies such as Active Fuel Management and variable valve timing, Silverado’s mainstream 5.3-liter V8 is highly competitive in fuel economy.

For 4WD pickups, which make up approximately 70 percent of retail sales, Silverado V8 matches the EPA combined estimate for a competitor’s boosted V6, and provides better warranty coverage — a 100,000 mile/ 5-year powertrain limited warranty.

For those seeking even better economy, Silverado offers two V8 alternatives. The Silverado XFE incorporates improved aerodynamics, a 5.3L/six-speed automatic powertrain, and other enhancements to deliver an EPA-estimated 22 mpg on the highway. The segment-exclusive Silverado Hybrid returns for 2012, too, combining EPA estimates of 20 mpg city/23 mpg highway with Silverado’s traditional capabilities – including a 6,100-pound (2,767 kg) towing capacity.

In addition to competitive fuel economy and the best coverage of any full-size pickup, Silverado offers a variety of popular packages and model discounts. The All-Star Edition continues to be available on 1500 Extended and Crew Cabs. New for 2012 is a $1,000 LTZ Value Discount on 1500 Crew Cabs making the highest trim level even more attractive to shoppers.

Founded in Detroit in 1911, Chevrolet celebrates its centennial as a global automotive brand with annual sales of about 4.25 million vehicles in more than 120 countries. Chevrolet provides consumers with fuel-efficient, safe and reliable vehicles that deliver high quality, expressive design, spirited performance and value. The Chevrolet portfolio includes iconic performance cars such as Corvette and Camaro; dependable, long-lasting pickups and SUVs such as Silverado and Suburban; and award-winning passenger cars and crossovers such as Spark, Cruze, Malibu, Equinox and Traverse. Chevrolet also offers “gas-friendly to gas-free” solutions including Cruze Eco and Volt. Cruze Eco offers 42 mpg highway while Volt offers 35 miles of electric, gasoline-free driving and an additional 344 miles of extended range. Most new Chevrolet models offer OnStar safety, security and convenience technologies including OnStar Hands-Free Calling, Automatic Crash Response and Stolen Vehicle Slowdown. More information regarding Chevrolet models can be found at www.chevrolet.com

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2012 Bremach T. Rex – A Green Truck Gone Mad

[youtube width="470" height="344"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d2vrZP6gp6E[/youtube]

Ever since the late 50s, Bremach has been rolling out rugged work trucks and their latest project, the T. Rex, is not exception to this rule, but with a catch – it’s an EV!

Bremach T. Rex

A few years ago people were saying that a sports car cannot be battery-powered and Tesla Motors proved them wrong with the sexy Roadster model. On that note, this T. Rex goes to show that even for a massive vehicle like this one, the electric motor is suitable for just about any type of car/truck. In this particular case, the 100 kW of power is available instantly and the truck will do 150 miles before running out of juice, even under hard work conditions. Bremach is also offering a 30,000 miles / 3-year warranty.

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Neiko Professional-Grade Variable Speed 7 Inch Car, Truck and Boat Polisher – Buffer – 1.75 HP


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Chevrolet Logo Universal-Fit Molded Front Truck Mat with Red Border – Set of 2


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SpecCast 38019 John Deere White WC22 Truck Die Cast with Vintage Van Trailer


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Canadian truckers are angry at a law which prevents smoking in truck cab

While I’m not a smoker, I know a lot of people which have this habit, which often cite the fact that it helps them unwind, especially while driving. But according to a law in the Canadian region of Ontario, you can’t smoke in enclosed or work spaces.

All fine and dandy, but it seems that the Police in the region are considering the truck cabins as work placed for their drivers and have begun giving out fines to those found smoking while driving. Starting with a trucker being fined with 305 Canadian dollars, it was a no-brainer that authorities would get all of the truckers in country angry.

“It’s just going too far,” said Larry Jespersen, a truck driver from Calgary. “I mean, where are they going to stop? It’s ridiculous. That’s his environment, that’s his home, he’s by himself. If he’s got a four-year-old kid in there, maybe. Maybe. I don’t smoke but other guys do. That’s their prerogative. But this has just crossed the line. There’s got to be limits.”

On the other side of the barricade, Neil MacKenzie, a program manager for a health unit’s tobacco free program revealed that such fines, given to truck or taxi drivers are justified and that they will get used to it in no time.

“If it’s a work vehicle, then they are required to have it smoke free,” said MacKenzie. “We enforce the legislation that’s provided to us. Our interpretation of that legislation isn’t quite so important as it is to make sure we have universally and fairly applied the legislation. Whether or not we think it’s fair is almost secondary. It’s the law that we’ve been charged with enforcing.”

What do you think? Are trucks or taxis the work place of these drivers? Even those privately owned? Should these people smoke if it helps them relax and be more careful on the road? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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US truckers say texting while driving is completely safe and necessary, mandate against banning them

Completely safe

That’s right, the title is correct, it seems that because studies show texting while driving is a whopping 23 times more likely to provoke an accident, the US government wants to ban it. But guess who started militating against this fact by saying that it is completely safe and necessary?

Nope, not the Twitter or Facebook junkies, but the US association of truckers, who these days rely on dash-planted computers and keyboards in their laps to plot out routes, get in touch with their headquarters and keep their customers up to date.

While I myself and plenty of people can realize that this new effort will impede their work, it’s nothing that a cell phone with a headset can’t fix. The truckers have revealed that if they were to pull over to send text messages or access the Internet, then every minute would cost the transport companies about $1.50, which would get pulled from the pay check of the driver.

A spokesman for the American Trucking Associations has even went so far as calling the new law bill “overkill” and that it will not improve anything. His statement just goes against common sense and the fact that trucks are now responsible for 12% of the deaths occurred on highways every year.

What do you think? Would the thought of having a huge truck, driven by a man who is texting, using the Internet and doing all sorts of other things, on the same road as your small car make you feel safe? Share your opinions by leaving a comment.


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Truck full of bees crashes in Turkey, all hell breaks loose

Car crashes are some of the worst things that can even happen to a person. But being involved in a car crash then being assaulted by a few hive-fulls of bees is certainly even worse. Just ask the survivors and rescue team which engaged in an accident yesterday in Turkey, when large van carrying multiple beehives crashed into a truck which was stationing on the side of the road.

Needless to say, the impact broke almost all of the hives and the angry bees started messing with almost anyone around, be them survivors or rescue teams. This forced authorities, to summon multiple beekeepers from the area to help them eliminate the bees. They, together with firemen and other rescuers used hoses, blankets and even rags to chase off the bees. It took them almost an hour to help all of the victims.

In total, about 20 people needed hospital care, with six of them being injured from the crash and the rest being workers who were attacked by the bees. One person involved in the accident has died, but it isn’t clear if the bees aggravated his situation. The same thing happened in 2006, when another truck carrying beehives crashed in Turkey.

Here is a video, of the rescue attempt from the crash site, showing just how hard the whole operation was.


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Dutch truck receives 45 speed camera tickets despite being parked

Ah yes, speeding cameras. Never has man cursed an invention of modern technology so much. Police people always say that they never lie, but perhaps they should pay attention to a recent story coming from the Netherlands, where a parked truck received over 45 tickets from automated speed cameras.

The owner of the truck, one Martin Robben, who is a lumber merchant, has received over 45 speed tickets on August 25, even though his lonely truck was parked on the side of the road that day in the village of Oldeberkoop.

“Sometimes there were only three seconds between the tickets,” Robben told a Dutch paper. “That’s impossible… Nobody can be flashed dozens of times in an afternoon.”

No pictures were sent in the mail, just the fines and warning that he should pay thousands of euros if he doesn’t want his license to be suspended. He has now contacted his lawyers and is bent on taking this case to the supreme court, so that justice can be made.

What’s important is that the cameras which fined him are made by local company Gatsometer, which provide the same models to a variety of countries worldwide, including the United States, United Kingdom, France and other territories.

Hopefully any of us won’t go through the same ordeal as the Dutch driver thanks to such speed cameras. Have any of you been the victim of such a device which didn’t work properly? Leave us a comment with your story.


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Toyota Premio smashed by truck in Russia

Pictured here we have a Russian KamAZ truck and a Toyota Premio (well…uhm…what once was a Toyota Premio. The crash took place in the Russian city Irkutsk and was caused by the truck driver running a red light. After the truck hit the Premio, it dragged it for about 30 meters (100 ft) until it hit a building. Though almost nothing’s left of the Toyota, the woman driving the car was really lucky and she amazingly survived. More photos after the jump. (more…)

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Volkswagen Robust pickup rendering

As a part of Volkswagen’s plan to overcome Toyota sales by 2015, the new Robust pick-up (rendered here by Argentinian designer Jorge L. Fernandez) will be launched at the end of next year and marketed starting 2010. The model will have two traction versions: RWD and 4×4. The new model will be sold at the beginning in South America and Africa and if it will be a success in these continents, will also be sold on the European market. Everything may seem a little bit wrong because of the increase in fuel prices, because the demand for pick-ups with “huge” consume decreased, but the global trend will not surrender to these body cars, but more economic and compact models. So Volkswagen will start in compact pick-up segment, starting with equal opportunities.

The next Volkswagen model will be assembled in Germany and Argentina and it will come with two doors or four doors, while it’s expected that the diesel presence to give a strong competitive advantage, starting next year, when the model will be launched.

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Trucker drivers protested against high fuel prices

Photo Credit: Chris Gardner / Getty Images

Independent US truckers tried to protest against the high fuel prices by pulling their rigs off the road or slowing down on major highways. They hoped that, this way, they’ll force president Bush to use the nation’s fuel reserve to lower the fuel prices. However, without the involvment of major trucking companies, the protests were not coordinated at all and useless. Not only this, but several trucker drivers also got tickets, for impeding traffic by driving at low speeds.

Besides the Bush appeal, the truckers also demanded that contractors pay them more to cover their fuel and other costs. For example, one trucke driver said that it costs him $1 a mile to drive one of the big rigs and the contractors are offering him as little as 87 cents a mile. Almost all trucker associations said they didn’t organize anything, being known that federal law prohibits the association from calling for a strike because it is a trade association.

In this time, in Washington, the top executives of the five biggest U.S. oil companies declared a $123 billion profit and, though they say they’re aware of the fact that high fuel prices are hurting consumers, they deflected any blame and said that their profits were in line with other industries.


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Highway closed after truck carrying 8 million bees overturns

An unusual accident happened yesterday in Sacramento, California. A truck carrying a few houndred beehives overturned and released about 8 million bees. The Inter City Inc. truck was heading to Washington after the bees were used in San Joaquin Valley to pollinate crops and flipped while entering the highway.

The bees stung about everyone who was involved, including drivers, firemen, policemen and other beekeepers called to the rescue and the handlers had to use smoke to calm the bees and get them loaded onto a new truck. The damage was also pretty important for the hives’ owner, as each hive is worth about $200.

You can see the video footage on the KCRA website.


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2009 Suzuki Equator pickup truck

At the Chicago Auto Show, American Suzuki Motor Corp. introduced the 2009 Suzuki Equator, which is a midsize pickup destined to complete Suzuki’s range of all-terrain vehicles, including motorbikes and ATVs. The Suzuki Equator was developed with Nissan North America (will also be produced at the Nissan plant in Smyrna, Tennesse) and it’s based on the Nissan Frontier.

The engine offer includes a 2.5-liter DOHC four-cylinder engine developing 152 hp and 171 lb-ft of torque or a 4.0-liter V6 DOHC engine producing 261 hp with 281 lb-ft of torque. Also, customers will have several transmission choices, including a five-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission (I4 and V6), five-speed manual transmission (I4) or six-speed manual transmission (V6).

The Suzuki Equator will be offered in two styles, Extended Cab and Crew Cab which offer a high-utility bed with spray-on bedliner and an extensive tie-down system with adjustable tracks. The truck also offers a wide range of attachment points for securing cargo (including motorcycles or ATVs) plus a full range of accessories including bed dividers, sliding cargo trays and modular storage units. Crew Cab models will offer an available roof rack.

Check out more photos of the 2009 Suzuki Equator after the jump and also read the full press release.


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