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India’s low cost car phenomenon, the Tata Nano, has sold like hot cakes since it was made available in the subcontinent.

At the beginning of the year though, things got much hotter for new Nano owners, as three cases of the tiny car catching fire have been reported. While in two of those incidents, the fire was a result of a faulty switch, the third one left police investigators puzzled.

As such, Tata got together a team of its own experts and went to work on the remains of the charred Nano. The results are finally in, but are still a bit inconclusive.

Without revealing just what went wrong with that specific Nano, the team said that “no manufacturing defects” were found. As such, all other Nanos are completely safe to drive. If you’re still feeling a bit hot in your low cost city car, rest assured as Tata will be conducting extra investigations for all cars already in service.

Source: PTI News via Autoblog

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