Tata opening investigation into recent Nano fire case | Rpmgo.com

Indian car company Tata is selling the new Nano low-cost models like hot cakes. But as we revealed yesterday, some models are a bit too hot for their own good, as four cars have been involved in spontaneous combustion incidents while parked or on the road.

As you can imagine, in order to gain back the confidence of the public, Tata has started investigations into all of the cases. The first three incidents were seemingly caused by a faulty switch near the steering wheel, but how that could result in the parked cars catching fire is still a mystery for us.

Now, with the most recent incident happening while the car was driven on the road, Tata began a new investigation, and promised that it will showcase the results as soon as possible. At the same time, a spokesperson admitted that the recent case is pretty unique.

Until the investigation is completed though, if you want to drive your Nano model, just pay extra attention to any smoke or excessive heat.

Source: IndianAutosBlog

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