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Tata Pixel Concept It seems that the Indian automaker Tata Motors will roll out a production version of the Pixel concept car that we saw at the beginning of this month in Geneva. The company’s initial plans were to introduce the Nano Europa, but apparently they’ve changed their mind. Tata Pixel Concept The Pixel concept is a stylish, 2-door version… …read the full post

Tata Pixel As most of you already know, Tata is the Indian creator of the Nano and for this year’s Geneva Motor Show they’ve brought a brand new concept city car – the Pixel. It measures only about three meters in length and according to the automaker is “the most package efficient four-seater in world” and is fully capable of “comfortably… …read the full post

Jaguar XJ Sedan It seems that Tata Motors will be opening up 10 new Jaguar Land Rover luxury car brand dealerships in India, in order to increase sales in Asia’s second fastest growing major economy. Tata will be opening dealerships in the large Indian cities like New Delhi, Mumbai and Ahmedabad, according to what Rohit Suri (India’s head of the… …read the full post

Quick, what do the Ferrari 458 Italia, the Audi R8 and the Tata Nano have in common? Both the supercars and the cheap compact are extremely fire-prone. After hearing quite a few stories about burning Ferrari 458 Italia models, the Nano is back with a vengeance, as another model went up in flames on the streets of Delhi last week. It seems that as soon… …read the full post

Everybody remembers the Tata Nano right? The low-cost (albeit fire-prone) small car phenomenon that has already gripped India, right? Well, you know what the Nano really needs, besides aftermarket tuning options or things like that? A convertible version. That’s at least what the Indian plant where the Nano is made believed, as it has manufactured… …read the full post

Indian carmaker Tata has some pretty big plans for its Jaguar and Land Rover subsidiaries, which were bought from Ford some time ago. After getting the brands out of their economic problems, Tata now plans to further increase profitability by targeting the biggest expending market in the world, China. How will it do that? By building a new factory… …read the full post

India’s low cost car phenomenon, the Tata Nano, has sold like hot cakes since it was made available in the subcontinent. At the beginning of the year though, things got much hotter for new Nano owners, as three cases of the tiny car catching fire have been reported. While in two of those incidents, the fire was a result of a faulty switch, the… …read the full post

Indian car company Tata is selling the new Nano low-cost models like hot cakes. But as we revealed yesterday, some models are a bit too hot for their own good, as four cars have been involved in spontaneous combustion incidents while parked or on the road. As you can imagine, in order to gain back the confidence of the public, Tata has started investigations… …read the full post

Many people in India eagerly awaited the low-cost Tata Nano city car. Offering a cheap and reliable means of transportation, with just a bit more power than a scooter, the Nano is experiencing sales like the proverbial hot cakes. But it seems that Nano models were so hot that several new cars erupted into flames just after their customers picked them… …read the full post

The Tata Nano has become nothing short of a phenomenon in the last few years, even though it is present on its native Indian market for just a short amount of time. This popularity was largely generated by its extremely low price of around $2,000, in its standard spec. With plans to release it in other markets, like Europe or North America, you can… …read the full post

Remember that controversial Tata Nano tuning project which was revealed when Tata and India’s DC Design signed a contract to offer aftermarket parts for the low-cost car? Well it seems that its price will be just a *bit* higher than the regular $2,000 asking price of the stock model. How much, you ask? About 110 times as much, with the price… …read the full post

For many Tata fans with deep pockets, there just wasn’t something in the lineup which you could spend some money on. Sure, you could’ve bought a few Nanos and just give them away to other people, but believe it or not, premium cars are also selling in India, even though the latest batch of concepts from the New Delhi Auto Expo was filled… …read the full post

When you think about Indian carmaker Tata, things like pick-up trucks and small, low-cost compact cars spring to mind. When you think about famous Italian design company Pinifarina, you think about passionate sportscars with clever design. So that makes them a perfect match! Don’t believe me? Check out this new concept above, which was unveiled… …read the full post

The Tata Nano is certainly getting its fair share of news stories these days, from the presumed pick-up based off of it, to some rather nightmare-inducing aftermarket tuning options. But now, the guys at Autocar have received a prototype of the European version of the Nano low cost model, which will most likely debut in 2011. The new car is definitely… …read the full post

A new report has just arrived from India, together with a spy shot which might betray the fact that local carmaker Tata is indeed planning to release a pick-up version based on its low-cost Nano model. Frankly, words betray me at this point, and thoughts like “What’s it going to carry?” are present. But considering the design of the front… …read the full post