Teen Tests Speed Limits and Dad’s Patience: The Fast and the Foolish Tale

  • A Canadian driver decided to push his chances and test the limits of not just his car, but his father’s love.
  • Showing off what the laws of physics (and traffic regulations) would call a “bad idea”, this unnamed driver hit 115 mph in a 35 mph zone. Speed demon credentials, unlocked.
  • The result? Well, predictably enough, the poor car – which is probably still reeling from the horror – got impounded for a solid fortnight. Hold on, maybe it’s for the best. Recovery time, perhaps?
  • As for dad, we’re pretty sure he’s drawing up new ground rules as we speak.

So, Captain Speedster over here might’ve just answered the perennial question, “How fast can I go before my driving privileges are revoked?” (Spoiler: 115mph in a 35 mph zone does the trick). If he’d been a superhero, he might’ve easily carried the title, “Fast and the Foolish”.

I can’t help but picture the car breathing a sigh of relief at the impound yard, thankful, yet petrified about the day it gets picked up. A well-deserved spa vacay, one might say.

And as for the dad, well, it’s back to Parenting 101 and possibly, Shopping-for-a-New-Car 101. P.S: Consider getting a bicycle this time. Might save everyone involved a whole lot of trouble (and speed limits)!


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