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If you plan on using a car for a period of up to six months, you will definitely be interested in getting temporary car insurance. These short-term policies will cover you while you have temporary use of a car. The period of the coverage can range from one day to six months, depending upon how long you will be using it. You need to know that for such policies, the premium is collected monthly or in advance and the coverage can begin on the date agree upon or immediately.

This type of policy can include liability insurance like property damage and bodily injury as well as physical damage, uninsured / underinsured motorist and also medical payments for the passengers. In most of the situations, the insurance companies will charge a flat rate for this type of policy. In comparison to a long-term insurance, this type may be a little bit more affordable. Some companies will offer extras like roadside service which might come in hand for some people. You can cancel this type of insurance by writing a request to cancel the policy, it works in most situations.

Applying for a short-term car insurance can be done both online and offline. On the Internet there are a bundle of quote engines that can compute your likely cost at several different insurance companies based on a questionnaire that you will have to fill out.

Temporary car insurance is the best solution if you plan on taking a long trip with a rented vehicle, or when you want to protect your stored automobile from physical damage. In addition, guests from other towns might need a car for transportation and they should get such type of insurance. Another example would be when parents have children in college that want to use the car during breaks from school. The applicability of short-term car insurance is quite large.

Another important advantage of this type of policy is that it will not affect your regular long-term policy and any number of drivers will be able to drive the car. On a normal car policy, it can be a rather difficult task to add another driver. Although it has a time limit, the amount of coverage offered is satisfying for most of us and exactly what we need for a brief period.

You should know that most of the companies will let you add a temporary vehicle onto you regular car insurance policy and then cancel it after you have returned from your trip. We recommend that you choose the same company as you did for the long-term vehicle insurance as you already have a relationship with it and they might give you a discount.

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