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Considering how busy cities are these days, having car insurance has become a responsibility that no driver should forget about. Moreover, if you don’t take the time to shop around you can end up having to pay expensive rates. If you want to avoid this situation when you buy Tennessee car insurance you should look into the policies offered by esurance.com, Nationwide or by the Farmer Insurance Group, because these are the insurance providers with the best rates on the market.

In Tennessee, as in any other state, an insurance policy is required by law to include a certain amount of liability coverage. This coverage is meant to pay for the medical expenses and property damages that the other driver, who hasn’t been found at fault, has sustained. Currently, the minimums in the state of Tennessee are of 25,000 in case a single person is injured as result of the accident, of 50,000 per accident and of 10,000 in case property damages have been the result of the accident. The property damage refers to damage caused to both public and private property.

Although these minimums might seem more than enough for some of you, in reality, considering that medical treatments and car repairs become more expensive every year, these amounts might prove to be insufficient in case of a serious accident. Therefore, it is recommended to increase the minimum liability amounts you are required by law to purchase and also buy comprehensive and collision coverage if you don’t want to be left with having to cover your car damages and medical bills if you are involved in an accident and found at fault or if your car is damaged by a natural phenomenon.

The main problem is that many residents still fail to buy proper Tennessee car insurance, as well as many other drivers registered in other states. The situation gets even more complicated because one of Tennessee’s neighbors, South Carolina does not require by law the purchase of a minimum insurance policy. So, if you use to drive often in South Carolina you should also think about buying uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. That’s how you will avoid having to pay your own medical bills and car repair bills if you are hit by a driver with no or little insurance.

Let’s now take a look at the costs involved by Tennessee car insurance. Although the cost of a premium has increased by 2.6% from $1,548 to $1,588 it’s still lower than the national average which was estimated at $1,896. What you should also know about Tennessee car insurance is what happens in case of more special situations. For example, if your driver license is suspended or revoked, depending on the type of coverage you opted for you may be able to still own a car covered by insurance. In other words, if something happens to your driver license you will be the only one excluded from the policy. Other drivers and the car will still be protected.

If you opt for a insurance company that allows you to remain covered, you will have to ask for a SR-22 form. This is a special form that isn’t insurance. It’s more of a proof that you are insured as an individual driver. Also, Tennessee is a tort state. That’s why, the state will held responsible a person for the accident and ask that person to cover the damages. If the person fails to pay the necessary amounts he/she will have to face fines or even jail time depending on the severity of the accident. It will also involves appearances in court.

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