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Tesco car insurance is an insurance company that offers quite low rates in comparison with other competitors on the UK car insurance market. But that’s not the only factor you should take into consideration when choosing the best car insurance for your needs.

Tesco Car Insurance

Like many other companies on the market, Tesco car insurance offers online quotes that can be easily obtained by visiting their website. All you need to do is fill the form, because the company needs you to provide some personal information in order for them to be able to assess your risk and give you the quote that’s suited for you. Not all people will pay as much for their car insurance, because, for example, high risk drivers usually pay more, because they are more likely to be involved in an accident for which the car insurance company will have to pay.

Usually the quotes offered by the Tesco car insurance company reflect cheap rates, but you should be careful, because cheap doesn’t always mean good coverage. The insurance might be inexpensive, but you should check and see if for the money you get comprehensive coverage, a standard policy or a third party car insurance. Moreover, you shouldn’t compare your price with someone else’s car insurance cost, because the rates vary depending on your qualities as a driver, on the type of car and many other factors. And you will be definitely interested in the features and the services offered by a car insurance company before making your final choice.

In the case of Tesco car insurance, among the insurance packages available you can find a Value Car Insurance Policy, one of the most popular options. We are talking about a comprehensive policy. That means the coverage will be extensive and the lower price is due to the fact the clients can sign up for these type of insurance only online. If you are interested in some additional features as well, you will be glad to know that that they usually offer a discount of 50 % for two of these options: “Recover Plus” and “Euro Plus Breakdown Assistance”, but only for a specific time period.

The Tesco car insurance packages include the 24 hour accident helpline that’s helpful if you want to deal with your claim quickly. Another feature is the one year parts and repair guarantee, meaning that for a year they will pay for all the repairs needed by the car. But there is no indication of what extra cost will be necessary in order to extend this option for more years. If you are the kind of person that enjoys travelling, you will be happy to know that the Tesco car insurance company also offers European third party coverage for all the European countries. This is a feature offered exclusively by Tesco car insurance that will save you a lot of trouble.

If you are also worried by repair-shops bills you should know that Tesco thought about that as well. As a result you will be getting serious discounts from all the approved auto-body shops where you choose to repair your car. More discounts will be offered to you by Tesco car insurance if you purchase your policy online. The value of the discount is 10% of the policy, so it’s an option worth taking into consideration. Clubcard members can receive additional savings, but even if you are not a member of the Tesco club you can get discounts by insuring multiple cars or by being a no-claims client. In conclusion, there are Tesco car insurance deals available for every pocket!

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