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Today, at Tesla’s design studion in SpaceX Rocket Factory in Hawthorne, California, the company unveiled its second vehicle, the new Tesla Model S electric sedan. With the Fisker Karma only a few month away, Tesla really needed to hurry showing this project, which is scheduled to debut in 2011. According to the company, the Model S has a driving range of 300 miles while the battery charge takes only 45 minutes (110V, 220V or 440V outlets). Priced at $49,900, the Model S is able to carry five adults and two children so it is quite practical, not to mention the fact that a full recharge costs only $4, as Tesla says, “a bargain even if gasoline dropped to $1 per gallon”.

The car’s powertran a liquid-cooled 9-inch motor, floor-mounted battery pack and a single-speed gearbox. With these, Tesla says the Model S accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 5.6 seconds and reaches a top speed of 120 mph.

As for the design and the interior, we must admit Tesla did an amazing job. While the Tesla Roadster doesn’t impress us from this point of view, the Model S really does. Designed by Franz von Holzhausen, the electric sedan features panoramic roof with sliding moon roof, retracting door handles for improved aerodynamics, LED and neon headligh and tail-lights, 21-inch wheels and Brembo brake system with new one-piece monobloc calipers, while the interior features 17-inch haptic touchscreen, fully digital instrument cluster and full-time 3G connectivity with Internet, HD and sattelite radio.

So, what do you think about the car? Which one do you think will win this segment, the Model S or the Fisker Karma?

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