Tesla Model X Goes Viral: A Spectacular but Risky Water Adventure

  • A video of a Tesla Model X ‘driving on water’ in Kazakhstan has recently gone viral on social media.
  • The Tesla evidently drove across a flooded street, appearing to float like a boat.
  • Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, has previously said that while the car’s wheel rotation can generate a force to propel it in water, it is not recommended nor is it intended to be a specific feature of the car.
  • Tesla’s owners’ manual explicitly warns against driving through water deeper than a shallow puddle – roughly halfway up the wheels – and states that extensive water exposure can damage the vehicle, possibly resulting in total loss.
  • The drivers of the car and onlookers in the video expressed shock and amusement, adding further to the attention the video garnered.

Oh, the shock, the awe, the utterly bizarre spectacle of watching a Tesla Model X apparently defy nature itself! Little did we know that Tesla, in between making headlines for revolutionary electric vehicles and occasional stock market shenanigans, has been developing the long-awaited technical marvel… the car submarine!

Well, not exactly. In fact, not at all. Musk himself has flagged this as a less-than-encouraged automotive aquatic adventure. And the Tesla manual? It’s pretty straightforward: love your car, keep it dry. This isn’t ‘Finding Nemo’, folks.

On a serious note, it’s super critical to remember that videos like these have a high risk factor and are not the norm. While this particular Tesla had its moment in the watery limelight, the potential for real harm or damage is definitely not something to be shrugged off. So, Tesla owners – keep your journeys on terra firma! After all, as much fun as road trips are, I doubt anyone wants to add “Find a tow truck in the middle of a lake” to their weekend plans!


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