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Looks like the Tesla Roadster is one step closer to production, because the car managed to pass all the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) crash tests. These standards are slightly different for electric vehicles, comparing to the regular gasoline powered cars, because it requires attention paid to the spillage of electrolyte and avoidance of electric shock, while the regular cars need only to avoid fuel spillage. That meant the Tesla had to take extra care of the ESS (battery box), by protecting it better and also having safety systems within the ESS itself.

During the FMVSS testing, the Tesla Roadster had to pass about 40 tests, among which were the “Windshield Defrosting and Defogging” (which means that, after the vehicle is started, specific areas of the windshield have to be cleared in a specified time and which the car passed without problems, due to the electrically powered PTC heating system, which start heating the windshield as soon as the car is started), “Rear View Mirrors” (important rearward areas must be visible via the mirrors), “Flammability of Interior Materials”, “Lights” (the front lights need to meet the FMVSS prescribed intensity and lighting pattern to provide sufficient illumination and avoid dazzling oncoming traffic).

Also, on January 16, 2008, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) issued a “Certificate of Conformity with the Clean Air Act of 1990” to Tesla Motors Inc. So we have some big steps made by the Tesal Roadster on it’s way to production.

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Photo Gallery: Tesla Roadster crash tests

Source: Tesla Motors

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