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In yet another interesting study, it seems that men are driven by their testosterone levels to buy fast sport cars. The report was made by the Concordia University’s John Molson School of Business in Montreal, Canada, which took 39 men and made them drive two cars on two different roads, charting their levels of testosterone.

The first road was a completely open one, with minimum traffic, while the other was a crowded one, and the first car was a convertible Porsche 911, while the second one was a 16-year-old Toyota Camry. The researchers found that when driving the convertible Porsche in the crowded area, where women were more likely to see them in the sports car, the men experienced a rush in testosterone they also experienced the rush while driving the Porsche in the less crowded road. Needless to say, driving the old Camry didn’t give anyone any rushes in the level of the hormone.

“In other words, just put a guy in a Porsche, and his testosterone levels shoot up, whether people watch or not,” said marketing professor Gad Saad, the lead researcher on the study. “It’s literally the peacock’s tail. It’s the human version. It’s saying, ‘all you pretenders out there — you couldn’t be driving this Aston Martin — you couldn’t even rent it.’”

But don’t go thinking that if you drive a sports car, your libido (or mojo) will increase, as the car will just relay your social status.

Source: CBC

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