The $191,000 Cruden Hexatech racing game rig Santa forgot to bring us |

Snow is bad for almost every type of transportation, but you’d think that Santa Claus, with quite a few years of traveling during the winter season under his belt would find it easy. Sadly, it seems he had a few problems, as he just let us know that one of RPMGO’s presents, the fabulous $191,000 Cruden Hexatech racing game simulator fell off the sleigh during his ride to our headquarters.

And it’s quite a shame, as the new simulator is fully suspended, features three LCD screens, and will offer the most realistic experience short of actually getting into a car and driving it. It is completely customizable and can offer various feedback depending on the chassis setup, the suspension, brakes or the aerodynamics of the car you’ll be driving, in competitions like Formula 1, Nascar, WRC or 24-hour races.

Well, it seems we’ll have to wait until next year to get one of these from Santa as our expense budget was already blown on games to play with the simulator.

Source: F1 Fanatic via Autoblog

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