The $2 million convertible Rolls Royce Phantom |

Some of us might say that the Rolls Royce Drophead Coupe, priced at $600,000 is already an exclusive convertible. But apparently a rich collector doesn’t agree with that, because he asked Pininfarina, the famous Italian coachbuilder, to create an unique version of the Phantom.

The car, which will be named Hyperion (a Titan from the Greek mythology) and, as you can see from the teaser image, will be a really unique car. Pininfarina will create a complete new body for the car, inspired by pre-war Rolls-Royce models with an aerodynamic shape featuring a swept-back windscreen and sculpted flanks and a bespoke cabin. The interior will probably be redesigned as well, but we’re really curious how will Pininfarina beat the already exclusive interior on the production Drophead.

Nothing official so far, but AutoExpress estimates that the project will cost around £1 million (1.4 million Euros or $2 million).

Source: AutoExpress

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