The Alfa Romeo 8C GTA |

The Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione is certainly one the best looking cars around and, in my opinion one of the most beautiful cars of all time. And with the 450hp V8 borrowed from Maserati it’s also a very fast one. With the initial run of 500 coupes almost over and another 500 convertibles planed after that it’s a pretty exclusive car too.

It’s got the looks, the power and the exclusivity so how you’d think that Alfa would be pleased. Well, apparently, they weren’t as they’re planing an 8C that’s faster more exclusive and, though hard to believe, maybe even better looking the 8C GTA. They’re hoping to shed 150kg while also squeezing 50 more hp bringing the total to a nice round 500 hp. They’re also only making 100 of them just in time for Alfa’s 100th birthday in 2010. I guess that would make pretty nice birthday present.

With a roumored 8C 2 maybe based on the upcoming Ferrari California (we’ll have to see what Ferrari has to say about that) I’d say Alfa is doing pretty well these days.

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