The Bag Machine – Perfect For Women –

Well, ladies, we all know that cars usually give us problems, from fixing a tire or going to the car service because of an engine “situation”, to finding a parking space and trying to fit in it, without causing any irreparable damage to your or others’ car. This funny and science-fiction video might give us a solution to some of the problems:

So, we may realize that this collapsible car wouldn’t be such a bad idea at all: after the “conversion”, it genuinely fits into a bag (a small bag, not that it would a problem, considering the large bags we daily wear), it can be used as a feminine small extra accessory and it may actually face any of our possible phobias about huge traffic cars, about driving or parking, because, let’s recognize it, it looks quite strong.

After all, this is a video about a fantastic car which might be perfect for women. Too bad that it is just fiction.

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