The first drive-through car museum to appear in China |

Yes, you read right, combining all of the great aspects of a drive-through like staying in your car and not moving an inch with the culture of a museum, the Chinese will start building a drive-through museum dedicated to, what else, cars.

After you recovered from the shock, let’s set a few facts straight now. The museum will be built in Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu province in the east of China which is known for its car copy… pardon, making industry located there. Its designed is signed by Francesco Gatti, an Italian designer which won the competition held by the local government of the province, which will be taking care of half of the construction cost.

Inspired by origami designs and reflecting the Eastern philosophy, the museum will be host to some sharp angles and ledges on which various cars will be fastened to. People will be able to cruise with their cars the sides of the building, reaching the top where they can park and visit its center. Its designer and the Chinese government is marketing the building as a car safari, minus the weapons and the sand of the African savanna.

“You visit the first external ramp of the museum with your own private car, like a safari, you park your car on the roof and visit by foot the internal ramp going down,” said Francesco Gatti. “The building could seem to appear as an urban car exhibitor, with its corners and angles filled with tempting shining exposed automobiles.”

The 15,000 square meter museum was set to be finished at the end of this year, but the economic recession pushed back its completion date. Either way, you really have to hand it to this Italian-Chinese project, it certainly got me interested. What do you think? Don’t be shy to drop a comment below.

Source: Telegraph

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