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In case you didn’t notice, we love cars around here, and if you’re reading this, chances are you’re pretty fond of them too.

But during our searches on the Internet, we found a lot of people who took their love for cars and/or specific brands further, and got tattoos of them on their bodies. Some of them were extremely impressive, resulting in true works of art, but others weren’t all that fortunate, ending up with some pretty hilarious results.

We decided to compile a photo gallery of some of the most unfortunate ones we found on the web. From funny, to weird, to frightening and even bizarre, you’ll find them all right after the jump.

While you can find all of the hilarious tattoos in the photo gallery below, we decided showcase some of our favorites before you see them all.

First off is this guy, you can see in the main image above. It seems that his Volkswagen car occupies so much of his life, that only two other things can squeeze in between the quality time he spends with the VW: his girlfriend and his booze. Hopefully he doesn’t combine the first with the last, although judging by this tattoo, alcohol had a major factor in its creation.

Hey, we love us some Audi models, and we’ve seen quite a few people with the four rings inscribed onto their flesh, but this guy took it one step further, and modified the design to spell out “dope”. Frankly, it needs to be one heck of a ride for him to sport that tattoo.

What’s not to love about Subaru? They make great rally cars and some of the safest road-going ones out there. But this guy took his love for both Subaru and Scooby Doo, and through some awkward logic, brought them together with this tattoo. We’re certain many rally and cartoon fans are awfully jealous of him right now.

Tuning fans always love to showcase the brands of the aftermarket parts they have on their ride. Judging from this tattoo though, it seems this guy made some tuning modifications to his whole body, installing a lot of new “parts”. Perhaps some Sparco legs, GReddy arms or NOS muscles.

The last one of our favorites is the guy above. Now we aren’t 100% sure that it’s a tattoo (maybe he pushed too hard on the gear knob) but it’s still extremely impressive. Now he’s certain to remember the gears of his car.

For the rest of the hilarious car-related tattoos, check out the photo gallery below. If you enjoyed the post, don’t forget to share it with your friends, either on Facebook or Twitter.

Photo Gallery: The funniest car-related tattoos

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