The last 500 Dodge Viper models will be made until 2010, replacement due in 2012 –

After much debate, rumors and speculations, Chrysler’s CEO of the Dodge brand, Ralph Gilles, revealed yesterday that the Viper sports car will see 500 more models made, which will be the most “special” Vipers ever.

He also said that the production of the model will end in July 2010, so as to not depreciate the value of the models already sold to fans all around the world. No details were given on how special the last batch of cars will be, but here’s hoping it will go out with a bang.

But before you mourn the passing of the iconic model, rest assured that a replacement will arrive, as Gilles revealed that a new car will appear in 2012, with the help of Chrysler’s newest partner, Fiat. And in case you’ve forgotten, Fiat owns a very prestigious Maranello-based supercar maker (nudge nudge, wink wink).

Does this mean American customers will be getting an Italian-flavored supercar under the Dodge name? Until 2012, let the speculations begin.

Source: Autoblog

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