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Rising gas prices continues to make “victims” and is turning to be a more and more pressing issue and Mercedes announced that it has plans to have all of their vehicles running hybrid by the end of 2015. That’s quite a plan to follow, for the next 7 years.

Dr. Thomas Weber, member of the Daimler board of management, who’s in charge of Group Research and Mercedes-Benz Cars Development, has stated that the three-pointed star manufacturer has mapped out 20% fuel economy throughout their entire fleet in the following years. This will be achieved with “BlueEfficiency” technologies (such as: low-rolling-resistance tires, elimination of belt-driven accessories, small design tweaks and lighter body-parts) as well as the new start-stop technology, already available as an option on A and B class models.

Dr. Weber, specifies that the start-stop technology has hardware implementation costs of around 250 Euros, and that he wants the respective component to be implemented throughout the fleet at similar costs, and make it base equipment. Also, he stated that another factor to be taken into consideration is customer’s education, and the company’s capabilities to convince that the technology is viable and efficient. Therefore the path has been chosen, the question remaining is how fast they can get there.

More optimistic plans from Mercedes-Benz say, that, by 2015, they will be able to make gas/diesel optional on their vehicles. That is a very bald statement, and even if they only manage to get close to that goal, in the 7 years period, could prove to be a gigantic leap forward.

Judging by technologies going through development by the Stuttgart Manufacturer, such as ethanol, electric, fuel cells, the DiesOtto technology on the F700, the electric Smarts being tested in London and the rumors according to which the F600 Hygenious may turn out a production version, we’d be tempted to say that their plans might be much more than just dreams.

Taking into consideration that Mercedes-Benz has brought revolutionary technologies into day-to-day life in the last 20, or more, years, the expectancy level is high, and all of the industry, as well as customers, awaits new standard setting technologies brought on the production line.

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