The new Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart for less than $27k |

The new sports sedan from Mitsubishi will have an interesting impact when it will be launched this fall. For less than $27,000 you can get a hot ride after it hits the showrooms in September. A fully Ralliant will come with Recaro seats, Sirius Satellite Radio, upgraded headlamps and a GPS system for near $30,000. Some officials already confirmed the pricing. Before the final price will be public, Mitsubishi weighs the impact of fluctuations of the dollar and yen.

The Ralliart aka WRX competitor develops from the Lancer lineup and it fits abobe the base model but is a step below the 291hp Evolution. Also the Ralliant shares considerable engine and body parts with the Evo. The car will get 237 hp and 253 lb-ft of torque out of its turbocharged 2.0-liter four, and retains some driving characteristics of the Evo-one. The Ralliart shares a twin-clutch SST transmission with the Evo. The Mitsubishi officials point the Ralliart as a potential green option for drivers looking for a good performance.

Mitsubishi expects five to ten percent of all US Lancer sales for the Ralliart and around 300-350 sells per month. In the meantime Mitsubishi is working on some electric vehicle technology, a project called iMiEV, and we all espect a nice small car. “I think we’re very serious about the technology,” said Bryan Arnett, product strategy manager for Mitsubishi Motors North America.

Also, the Concept-cX that debuted at the Frankfurt auto show last fall is also being considered for this market, possibly as early as 2010.

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