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Posted on 2-07-2008 by psaico

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Everyone knows about the Toyota Prius, the hybrid car, but not everyone knows very much about it. Well, in short terms, if everyone would have a Prius then the world could cleaner, dryer, relaxed, more silenced, and many more. But imagine the next generation of Toyota Prius, with a larger engine, more efficient, faster, cleaner and greener. This car will have a big launch at the Detroit auto show in January 2009.

Even America has fallen for this car and in a big way. There’s no doubt about that and through an extraordinary combination of style and engineering, this hybrid car remains the absolute gold standard for eco cars.

The next generation will have a bigger impact and that’s because it will be a touch bigger and offering more space and it will be stronger with a 1.8 liter hybrid performance.

January 2009 will mark the point at with Prius will change gear and moves up to the next level. Till now, this hybrid car was just one of its kind, just one model, but Toyota plans to spice up the action and will come with different Prius models as it closes it on its bid to be making over 1 million cars pers year till 2010.

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