The “Stay Connected” Side of Volvo Concept You

The 2011 edition of Frankfurt Motor Show is full of surprises, especially related to technology. Volvo Concept You doesn’t make an exception and come with an interesting tablet-like interface. So, it features a hands-up display, a large touchscreen display (with a 10 inches diagonal), one between the rear passenger seats and two more intergarted into the steering controls.

“Smartphones and smart pads have brought mobile infotainment into a new era. Here, we use a number of touchscreens to replace buttons and controls in order to make the driver totally connected, totally in control,” explains Peter Horbury, vice president Design at Volvo Car Corporation.

But, let’s talk about the main screen, the one which is claimed to be in standby until someone looks at it. Yes, a little time ago this was science fiction. Now, it became possible. How is this technically realized? By using an IR sensor which to detect the eye movement. Apparently, everything is sensor-based, as another sensor then detects the hand movement and uses its sensibility to identify whether the passenger or the driver has touched the display to provide the appropriated content. The entire content can be moved to the hands-up display or shred with the screen in the rear of the car.

Besides all these screens and displays, the Concept You is equipped with an high-performance Alpine sound system. Although this is only a concept, its technological suggestions are quite interesting, despite the little problems that remain unanswered(such as: could the feature of this concept still be properly used when the weather is sunny, streaming in through the back window?).

What do you think about this concept?

[Source: Pocket-lint]

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