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Rental cars come in handy when you really need a car for a trip or for business, but being entrusted to a lot of customers before you, there’s always room for surprises in certain storage spaces. People are really forgetful, especially if they have a lot of things on their mind and thoroughly searching a rental car before you return it seems to be the last thing they think of.

Europcar, one of the biggest car renting chains, have surveyed their branches in the UK to see what customers have forgotten in their cars. The results were really surprising to say the least, objects ranging from the usual things like money, cell phones or wallets to some really unusual things like furry handcuffs, false legs or even a wheelchair. Here is the full list:

Unusual Items Left in Europcar’s Rental Cars

* A false leg (Liverpool) * A stocking (Hull) * A mannequin (Hull) * Furry Handcuffs (Yeovil)

* 50 Fluorescent Light bulbs (Hamilton)

* A Scottish Piper’s Black Ostrich Hat (Hamilton) * A printer (Aylesbury) * A toy elephant (Milton Keynes) * A car full of flowers (Stansted) * A wheelchair (Bradford) * An ammunition case and stretcher (Reading) * Half a pint of beer with a CD called ‘The Art of Speed Seduction’ (Reading) * A pair of ladies black pants (Sheffield) * £300 cash (Sheffield) * Colostomy bags (Sheffield) * 10 odd pairs of shoes (Salford) * A cooked sausage – behind the engine! (Exeter)
Via CarScoop

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