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If there’s one place we’d like to visit at the end of this year, it’s Abu Dhabi. No, we don’t want to burn our eyes with questionably tuned cars or anything like that. Instead, we want to visit the upcoming Ferrari World theme park.

After seeing some of its roller coaster rides, like the Fiorano GT challenge, which pits together two F430 trains against one another, or the Formula Rossa roller coaster, all of the other attractions have been unveiled.

Thrill seekers will be most pleased of the G-Force one, which is basically a tower ride designed to emulate the G forces one would feel in a Ferrari Enzo hypercar. The seats are even styled after the actual ones in the expensive performance model.

A log-flume ride will allow visitors to check out the internals of a Ferrari V12 engine, while kids will race against one another in customizer Ferrari karts.

Still, hardcore fans should definitely visit the Galleria Ferrari, where the history of the Italian carmaker is showcased through a plethora of classic models. According to the company, this is the largest collection of cars outside of Maranello.

The Ferrari World Abu Dhabi theme park is set to open its doors at the end of the year, so you’d better start making reservations as soon as possible.


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Not a lot of companies can expect to make a profit by constructing a huge theme park dedicated to themselves, Disney being the one who started it all. But it seems that Italian supercar maker Ferrari hopes that its first theme park dedicated to its brand will break the mold when it will be opened next year, in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

We’ve seen just how many enthusiasts are in the Arab country, and given the fact that it will be adjacent to the Abu Dhabi Formula 1 circuit situated on Yas Island, it will surely attract many fans under its giant red roof, sporting the biggest Ferrari logo ever made.

The theme park will occupy over 200,000 square meters (that’s around two million square feet), all indoor, making it the largest park in the world. It will include over 20 rides, including the world’s fastest roller coaster, racing simulators, karting and flume rides through a giant Ferrari engine and, the most interesting, a g-force drop tower, which extends over 200 feet in the air, breaching the 150-foot-high roof.

As well as these rides for the young children and for those young at heart, there will be plenty of other attractions for the whole family, at least according to Ferrari. The Ferrari World Abu Dhabi park will open next year.


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Ferrari is really starting to build up its brand. After it recently announced that they’ll open about 40 Ferrari stores in the world, in the next few years, the Italian carmaker came up with other news. The first stone has been lain on what’s going to be Ferrari’s first theme park. Stretching over 250,000 sqm, the park is located in the capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi. During the foundation stone ceremony a time capsule was buried, containing a conrod and a piston straight from this years World Champion F2007 F1, capsule which will be opened in 2047, when Ferrari celebrates its 100th anniversary.

Ferrari says the theme park, which is scheduled to be completed in 2009 and which will feature a circuit that will offer driving courses for visitors, will be “a unique oasis of discovery, hospitality and beauty that captures culture, flavour and the true spirit of Italian country, as well as the legendary automotive history, feeling and heritage of Ferrari cars and racing.”

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