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When we look for car insurance we always want to find the best insurance company that is trust worthy and that makes us feel safe, but doesn’t overcharge us. That’s why we like to be informed. We usually read reviews, ask our friends, compare the available online quotes and we are also interested in rankings and opinions.

A top five car insurance companies seemed a good way to help us all in finding that insurance company best suited for our needs. So, the first place goes to the Progressive car insurance company that is one of the most important American players on the car insurance market, offering competitive rates for your car insurance. The company’s winning feature is determined by the fact it is wiling to let you design your own policy according to your needs. That means you won’t have to pay for a more costly car insurance that includes options unnecessary for you. So their advantages are surely the hard to beat rates and the custom-made policies, but their flaw is the customer service that can be disappointing at times.

The second place goes to Allstate a car insurance company that offers significant discounts (up to 45%) on their standard car insurance for drivers with a clean driving record that were able to avoid making any claims for the past three years. That could prove to be beneficial for some us who are known to be cautious drivers. The company also offers the option to create your own customized insurance policy and if your car is stolen or completely destroyed in an accident they will help you buy a new car by paying for the value of your old one. This rule applies only if you were the owner of the car for just three years. What is disappointing is the fact that their clients find themselves often in the situation of asking the company to apply the discounts they promised.

Top Car Insurance Companies

Third on the list is Esurance, a company interested in the environment, trying to reduce the negative impact human beings usually have on nature. The company is web based and tries even to provide its employees with hybrid cars in order to keep their business eco-friendly. The lack of local agencies it’s a downfall, because it might complicate the process of filling a claim. And we all hate when that happens…

The fourth place goes to Geico, another top car insurance company that is able to reduce the rates by simplifying its policies. The company also offers the option of creating your own flexible payment plan that will help you keep your budget under control. Their financial aide is doubled by some discount programs you might find appealing. Geico’s big disadvantage is that its staff is often ‘lazy” when it comes to communicating the changes in policies.

Last, but not least State Farm is another competitor on the car insurance market, offering simple car insurance policies and dealing with any insurance claims you might fill in a professional manner. It is a trust worthy insurance company with local agencies that can provide with help when it comes to auto repair shops or car rentals. One little problem is represented by the time they take to process your claim. And, of course the value of the claim is also delayed. That can be annoying!

I hope that this top five car insurance companies will help you make the best decision possible. You should always remember that every course of action we take will have advantages and disadvantages, but we reserve the right to minimize the negative effects!

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