Top five concepts that never reached the production line –

Over the last five decades, we have seen thousands of concepts; some deserved to reach the production line while others remained only as a concept for good reasons. In this article we will talk about five of the concepts that should have spawned a production version.

Mercedes-Benz C111

We begin with the Mercedes-Benz C111 concept which is one of the coolest cars ever made by the German automaker, featuring those very exciting gull-wing doors. Unfortunately, the financial situation of the 70s for MB didn’t allow them to produce this car, which is a real shame. We can only hope that they will revitalize this concept and launch a modern production version of the C111.

Citroen GT Concept

If you love the Gran Turismo 5 video game, you certainly have heard about the Citroen GT concept which was made especially for the game. The French car maker said that they’ll probably make a few units of the concept but I wouldn’t hold my breath. This has to be one of the most attractive supercars ever made. Too bad we won’t see it on the streets.


Saab is having a really difficult time at staying alive these days and it would be a real shame if they had to shut down the facilities. Anyway, they too have rolled a few interesting concepts and one of them is the Aero X. Maybe after they will get back on their feet they will launch a production version as the car has tremendous potential and certainly there would be a lot of interested buyers who want to try something different, something Swedish.

Chevrolet Corvette Four-Rotor

If you are old enough to have lived through the 70s, you most likely have heard about the Chevrolet Corvette Four-Rotor concept which had a drag coefficient of only 0.325, something that cars launched two decades later weren’t able to achieve. The car never made it because of the world’s first energy crisis.

Jeep Hurricane

Unveiled back in 2005 at the Detroit Motor Show, the Jeep Hurricane had a one-piece body which was mostly made from carbon fiber. Both the driver and the passenger enter the vehicle over bulkheads on each side. The concept had a MillenWorks-designed four-wheel steering system which allowed the car to move sideways, literally. The chassis was connected to the underside of the car by the skid plate which was an aluminum spine.

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