Top Gear is back with Season 13 and The Stig is finally “unveiled”! |

After we’ve waited for so long, our favorite TV show is finally back with Season 13 and Jeremy, James and Richard have prepared quite a thrilling season from what we saw in the trailer and in the first episode. The show started with Jeremy reading a letter from a fan, which asked them what would Top Gear have been like if they were making it 60 years ago. And the answer was pretty simple. Exactly the same. So, the guys started their regular challenge, this time racing in the best transportation 1949 had to offer. After a short draw, Richard got the Vincent Black Shadow motorcycle (the fastest motorcycle at that time), James got the Jaguar XK120 (the fastest car in production at that time) and Jeremy got…a steam locomotive. So, who won the 400 miles race? We’re not gonna spoil it so we’re gonna let you find out for yourselves.

After that, we had the news, where the guys barely talked about cars but they were pretty funny. After the news, we say Jeremy taking the Lotus Evora out for a spin on the Top Gear track and he was really impressed with it. And then we had the highlight of last night’s episode and that was the unveiling of The Stig. A question which has haunted millions of people finally got its answer:

I’m really curious to see the next episodes because this part has definitely put more mistery around The Stig than cleared it. I’m sure there are a lot of people out there (including me) who don’t buy this Michael Schumacher=The Stig thing. It looked staged (very well, but still staged) and it makes no sense in Top Gear unveiling the secret that has been one of the show’s greatest parts throughout the years. Who knows, maybe there’ll be one Stig unveiled per episode from now on, just to play with us. On the other hand, there’s also the option of Top Gear knowing no one will believe Schumi’s the Stig, which will make him the perfect Stig. Who knows…what do you think?

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