Top Gear Season 11 Episode 5 |

This week, everybody’s favourite car show performed as expected. Highlights of this episode include taking the Nissan GT-R on a circuit, thus removing the electronic speed limiter, driving classic cars through the center of London, and consequently blocking the traffic, and the introduction of a new sport, car hunting.

The show started off as it ended the last episode, with the fabulous Nissan GT-R, this time, Jeremy taking it on a professional circuit, the GPS of the car recognising the circuit and removing the speed limit imposed on the car on normal roads. This permitted Jeremy to really push the car to it’s limit, and eventually to his own limit, Clarkson being forced to end the test drive prematurely, because his neck has been sprained by the way which the Nissan handles corners.

The news segment was priceless as always, learning that british prime-minister Gordon Brown is the reincarnation of communist dictator, Ioseph Stalin, the Dacia Sandero has electronic brake force distribution and Opel is the only manufacturer with completely nice looking cars.

Next up, Jeremy and James decided that you just can’t find a good 4 seat sedan at around 25,000 pounds nowadays and decided to buy their own classic cars and show off their qualities in a series of challenges. James deciding on a 1972 Rolls Royce Corniche and Jeremy on a 1963 Mercedes 600. The challenges were really fun, the presenters having to beat a The Stig in a slalom and having to push the cars down a 1/4 mile drag “race”. Hands down, the most interesting one was the fact that they had to park their cars in the center of London, one of the busiest cities in Europe. Check out the video over here.

The last part of the show introduced a new sport, car hunting, and not in reference to finding what car to buy, but serious car hunting. Jeremy driving a Daihatsu Terios, a small Japanese 4×4 which I have to admit did really good in the forrests of Britain, and being chased by Richard, together with a whole club of fox hunters. It was a really good race and eveybody should watch it.

All in all another great show worth watching and here’s the Nissan GT-R part, which is very cool. Enjoy!

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