Top Gear Season 11 Episode 6 |

Sadly, this is the final episode of this season/series from Top Gear, the show going on a break until October but it has offered an awesome final episode, full of challenges, great cars and a classic battle between Britain and Germany.

The show started off with James May presenting a few of Japan’s domestic cars, including a Rolls Royce copy (I thought only Chinese manufacturers did that) which he liked quite a bit, testing it while driving a traditional Sumo wrestler and his manager. Click here for the video.

The news segment was enjoyable, James having received a lot of new facts about the Dacia Sandero :). Next up was the test drive of a German supercar, the Gumpert, which although offered quite a lot of settings to tweak, didn’t really appeal to the eyes of Richard. But what it did lack in the beauty department, it made up in the power one, the base model having roughly 650 bhp and the top one offering 800 horses. This really showed on the track, being driven by The Stig, it managed to set the fastest lap time, beating the Ascari A10. You can see this part here.

The star in a reasonably priced car was British singer Jay Kay, which had previously set the best lap time in the old car, the Suzuki Liana. He proved his worth by setting the new fastest lap time, in the Lacetti.

One of the best challenges this season, in my opinion, followed. A German car show had issued a challenge to the Top Gear team, which the trio gladly accepted. What followed is undescribable, the challenges consisting of double decker cars, drag, and manuevering races, culminating with a circuit race between racing prepared Porsche 911 and Aston Martin DBRS 9. Check it out here: part 1, 2 and 3.

All in all, it was a great show to mark the end of the series, and we’re left wanting more but until October we have to settle our car show thirst with Fifth Gear, which will start in the middle of August. Meanwhile, check out the Gumpert part, it’s really cool. Enjoy!

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