Top Gear Season 14 Episode 1 review |

Ah yes, the day many car enthusiasts have awaited since the last season ended has finally arrived: Top Gear is now back with a whole new season on BBC 2. You’ve already seen the teaser trailer revealed in order to promote the new season, 14 to be specific, so I’m sure most of you tuned in last night to see the first episode.

And what an episode it was dear readers. You can hit the jump and see our complete review, but in case you don’t want anything spoiled, wait for the rerun and then come back to share your thoughts with the rest of our readers.

I”m happy to say that most of the show took place in RPMGo’s native country of Romania, showing that it isn’t just as bad as many people think, and, thanks to the marvelous Transfagarasan road, that it should be visited by any true car enthusiast from all around the world.

As you could tell, the show was a challenge started between the three presenters, about which car is the best grand tourer. The producers immediately gave them a challenge, to drive their candidates on a grand tour in search of the best road in the world. While Jeremy, James or Richard were thinking of France, Italy or anywhere else, the producers sent them to Romania.

As you could imagine, hilarity ensued, which kept many people glued to their TVs. Fortunately for James, his old favorite, the Dacia Sandero made a few appearances and culminated with Jeremy getting one as a present to the May. I won’t spoil the surprise, but it didn’t end very well, thanks to a “clumsy” truck driver.

One of the most interesting stops along the way from the seaside to the mountains where the Transfagarasan is, was the People’s Palace in Bucharest, one of the biggest buildings in the world. I’m mentioning it, as the guys had a chance to drive their beautiful and powerful cars, a V8 Ferrari California, a V10 Lamborghini Gallardo and a V12 Aston Martin DBS Volante, through the many underground tunnels beneath the massive structure.

After a few other interesting moments, the guys finally arrived at the Transfagarasan road, proclaiming it in unison that it is the best road in the world, because, as Jeremy put it, has all of the best corners and segments from the greatest racing tracks in the world, all placed one after another in a seamless road.

Another interesting moment, especially for bankers, was James’ tests with two extremely powerful limousines, the BMW 760LI and the Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG, which were absolutely ridiculous on the track.

The star in the reasonably priced car was famous actor Eric Bana, which shared that he also has a racing pilot license, competing in various races in his native Australia.

Overall, this was a smashing start of the season, and let’s hope that the guys will continue to entertain us in the rest of the series.

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