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After a smashing debut of its 14th season, Top Gear was back yesterday on BBC 2 and BBC HD to satisfy the thirst of any auto enthusiast out there.

But while last week’s episode was focused on a road trip through Romania, now, the guys have taken on a brave and eco challenge, as they were required to built an electric-powered car from scratch, with their own chassis, engine and design, with Richard Hammond, James May and Jeremy Clarkson, respectively, handling one department.

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As I’ve said, the guys needed to build their own car, which will rival the G-Wiz electric vehicle. “How hard can it be?” said the dynamic trio, and set to work. Hammond took care of the chassis, May of the engine and batteries and seeing Clarkson’s sensible side, decided he should take care of the design.

After a few mishaps, some really awkward ideas and much sweat at the Top Gear Technological Bureau, the Geoff was born. Needless to say, on its first road test, things were disastrous, as the Geoff ran out of juice in the middle of Oxford and ended up nose first into a tree down the bottom of a hill.

But the lads weren’t keen on letting this “tiny drawback” get in their way and devised the next generation of their car, the Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust, which not only saw more batteries being added, but also a shop-bought diesel generator which recharged said batteries on the go. A true pinnacle of engineering excellence, if the boys could say so themselves.

Seeing as how perfect the i-Thrust was, the team decided to take it to the testing rage, where it underwent a full set of European crash and reliability tests. Thanks to some clever ideas, which at least for me brought insane amounts of laughter, it passed almost all of these, including beating the G-Wiz, a bicyclist and a fast girl in a drag race. Sadly, the i-Thrust was no match for the new Toyota Prius in said race.

All of these tests culminated with two events, the Eco-Stig taking the i-Thrust in an autonomy exercise, which ended up quite badly, and the regular Stig taking it to the headquarters of Autocar, where it underwent the magazine’s famous drive test. Once again, things didn’t end up as the guys would’ve wanted.

A great segment of the show was also dedicated to the Audi R8 V10 model, a perfect supercar for any sensible man, according to Jeremy, but totally lacking any sort of personality. The German model was thrown against the “bonkers” Corvette ZR1, which was all around the test track, with bits falling off, but did all of that filled with personality.

The star in the reasonably price car was Michael Sheen, which managed an extremely good time, considering the track was damp, he just arrived in the UK with an airplane and, according to him, was also Welsh.

Overall, a great episode, which didn’t really start in full swing but got into motion fast enough. What did you think? Leave a comment with your thoughts.

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