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Practicality, common sense, decency, thorough advice … these are just the few things BBC’s Top Gear show isn’t about, and the fourth episode of season 14 further proved that by trying to deliver some decent advice to airport administrations, the average consumer and the bonkers performance SUV fans.

Hit the jump to find out how many reasonably priced cars Guy Ritchie destroyed and if a Renault Twingo RS is a decent choice for the normal consumer.

Once again, a half an hour sooner than normal, the guys from Top Gear delivered a quality dose of entertainment, right up the alley of every car fan out there. First off, Richard Hammond decided to see what can airports do to hurry up and avoid wasting the time of travelers. The solution to all of this? Why, organize a race between the various vehicles used by airports, from the luggage tractors to the supply trucks, bendy buses or fire emergency trucks. What followed was much in the vein of last season’s effort to find out what bus is the fastest, and considering that all the vehicles were driven either by touring car or truck racing drivers (and Richard Hammond), chaos ensued. The conclusion? Base all airport vehicles on the fire trucks, but don’t actually load them up with water or anything as to not slow them down.

What followed was a great news segment, where the boys tackled the fact that Top Gear wants an equal blend of men and women on the show, with certain members of the Village People appeared. The next topic was the BMW M5 CSL, which sadly won’t be sold, but did reveal a great debate about the racing colors teams use nowadays. Last but not least, the new Audi A8 was talked about (shortly) and its designer, Mick Dick (needless to say where the discussion degenerated).

Next up, some of the most useless cars were presented, the BMW X5 M, the Audi Q7 V12 TDI and the new 5-liter Supercharged V8 Range Rover. Why would someone want a performance, gas guzzling SUV which is rendered almost useless off road is beyond me. At the end of the segment, the Overfinch Range Rover was presented which, in case you didn’t read our article, was customized for hunting enthusiasts and alcoholics.

The Star in a reasonably priced car was famed director Guy Ritchie, which, due to some horrific weather conditions, managed to wreck four cars, four tires and a gearbox. The trailer for his upcoming movie Sherlock Holmes was also shown, but his lap was much more impressive.

The last segment was made at the request of the same viewer from Belfast which wanted reasonable and sensible car buying advice from Top Gear last season about the Ford Fiesta. And we all know what happened with the chase the little car had with a Corvette through a shopping mall. Now, Jeremy decided to thoroughly test out the new Renault Twingo RS through the streets, harbor and sewers of Belfast. What resulted is almost equal to the amount of fun he had with the Fiesta at the beginning of the year.

Overall, a great show which highlighted what Top Gear is all about, having fun … with cars.

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