Top Gear Season 14 Episode 5 review |

After one week of hiatus, Top Gear has finally returned with a very impressive episode, in more ways than one.

From testing out the new Noble to inviting the reigning world Formula 1 champion, Jenson Button, episode 5 of season 14 was filled with unexpected twists and also contained a heavy dose of culture. Hit the jump to read our review.

The show kicked off with Jeremy testing out the Noble M600 model which, although being made out of stainless steel and having a V8 pulled out of a Volvo, albeit with a couple of turbochargers, made mincemeat out of its supercar opposition thanks to the fantastic acceleration and top speed. But without many safety features, it left the smallest room for error, which, according to Jeremy, can really scare you. In the capable hands of the Stig, the Noble managed a fast lap and overtook many other higher priced cars.

The news segment was next, and following the tradition, the episode before Christmas examined various car-related gifts. From a perfume made by the RAC to a useless Land Rover whistle, nothing was spared, especially an awkward Mercedes-Benz shirt which was improved by Jeremy thanks to a lighter.

What followed was pretty much a cultural endeavor, as the guys decided to fill an art exhibition in Middlesbrough with car-related works and try to get as many people to visit it as a modern art exhibition in London. What followed was an impressive effort, in classic Top Gear style, which although didn’t reach the benchmark of visitors, was pure ecstasy for car fans around the world as some of those works were very impressive.

Last but not least, the Star in a Reasonably Priced car was none other than reigning world champion Jenson Button, which took the Suzuki Liana, the old reasonable car, on the track. As you may remember, the show has a separate list for professional drivers. Jenson, even though the track was covered in melting snow, managed an extremely fast lap and came quite close to Lewis Hamilton, his new teammate at McLaren, which had a dry track.

Overall, an impressive episode. Look forward to the South America special next week, right after Christmas.

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