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In what is the first episode in 2010 and the last of the current season 14, Top Gear has went all out and tested quite a few interesting vehicles, besides some rather awkward ones.

Until the summer of 2010 though, this is the final bang of the popular TV series. Did it do alright or did it disappoint? Hit the jump to read our review and watch some snippets of video.

The show kicked off with one of the most talked about cars in recent months: the Lexus LFA, which was tested by Richard Hammond in a rather groovy montage. While the Japanese supercar does its part so well, its price tag disappoints, as its major competitors are much cheaper, even though not as fast on the track.

Next up was the rather unusual news segment, which revealed that the show had been recorded in the middle of December, due to time and money constraints. This prompted some talk, much about Saab, and how the presenters can’t really say for sure that they expect the new 9-5 or not. After much talk, the guys decided to test out some of the new electric transportation methods, seeing as how in order to save the Earth we will all buy them sooner or later. While James tried to assemble an electric bicycles, Richard used an electric skateboard while Jeremy something which can hardly be described as practical. Needless to say, the things which were already assembled resulted in some serious crashes in the studio.

Jeremy then decided to showcase just how little money was left and tested out the BMW X6 in Britain … and Australia, and Switzerland, and Spain and Hong Kong. The obvious result was that the X6 is pretty much useless no matter in what conditions you use it, and with its high price tag, it’s useless in this economy. Watch the segment below before its yanked off of YouTube.

The star in the reasonably priced car was next, and a fairly unusual star to say the least, as jazz singer Seasick Steve appeared. He is a true car aficionado, owning quite a lot of them over the years, and had some skills on the track, even though it was quite wet.

Next up was James with the Vauxhall/Opel Insignia VXR, the performance edition of the sedan, which, in lack of any ideas and money (thanks to Jeremy), was tested alongside one of the inventors of the road signs used in Britain today. Yeah, seriously.

Last but not least, like any end of the year edition, the Top Gear awards were given. which you can watch below.

In case YouTube pulled them down, the car of the year was the Lamborghini Gallardo Balboni the injury of the year was awarded to Richard and James for hitting their heads repeatedly in the Porsche Panamera last summer, the car of the decade was named the Bugatti Veyron. Other awards, like the worst forklift drivers or the worst presenter of the year were also given.

Overall, a proper goodbye to season 14. Until the summer of 2010, we can only dream about what the boys will film.

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