Top Gear USA officially confirmed for The History Channel, gets new cast |

Top Gear fans from the USA can finally rejoice as the History Channel, alongside BBC America, confirmed that the Top Gear format is coming to the good ol’ US of A this fall.

It seems that 10 episodes were picked up by History and will star a brand new cast than the one that was rumored at first. It seems that funny-man Adam Carrolla will be too busy to star, so his place is going to be taken by another comedian, Adam Ferrara. Joining him will be racing driver and stunt man Tanner Foust, who many will know from the X-Games and other championships, and last, but not least, Rutledge Wood, a race analyst for Nascar and retro car fan.

The 10 episodes that will air this autumn are set to “stay true to the original format and add a sense of the American car culture.” As you may know, Top Gear USA was originally set to air on NBC, but reluctant executives scrapped the idea. Now, we’ll be able to finally enjoy (hopefully) some American-flavored Top Gear goodness.

Source: TopGear

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