Top Gear's Season 13 premiers on January 25th on BBC America, seasons 11 and 12 available on DVD |

Even though BBC’s Top Gear car show is an UK product, its appeal spans the whole globe, no matter the viewer’s nationality.

After season 14 has wrapped up in the UK, BBC America is preparing to release the first episode of season 13, on Monday, January 25th at 8/7c. In case you don’t remember from the UK airing, the 13th season will be host to the reveal of the famous Stig, among other exciting things.

But before the 25th arrives, BBC is offering US viewers special DVD editions of seasons 11 and 12, which contain 14 episodes of car-related action, and over 2 hours of additional content, like bonus footage or behind the scenes videos. Season 11 will cost $25.98 while season 12 goes for $33.98 at the BBC America Shop.

BBC America will also host a DVD giveaway of these two seasons until the 13th one arrives in one week. Those of you interested in the competition can access it here. Also, as a special treat for people who can’t tune in when season 13 begins, the episodes will be available one day later on the iTunes store, so that you can yell “POWER!” and compare your lap times with the Stig’s on the go.

Source: BBC

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