TopCar releases Porsche Panamera Stingray |

If there is one market where the Porsche Panamera will definitely be popular, it’s Russia. That’s why one of the most popular tuning firms in the country, TopCar, has decided to offer its own take on the new super sedan from the German sports carmaker, entitled Porsche Panamera Stingray.

As much as the rendering for the bodykit reveals, I don’t really see any resemblance to the old Stingray edition of the Chevrolet Corvette, so the name is just a coincidence. TopCar did collaborate with local company Cardi, which helped design the aerodynamic kit. This first tuning effort will fit new carbon fiber body parts onto the Panamera, including new panels, bumpers, air vents, side skirts and a rear wing, not to mention a set of new alloy wheels.

In terms of future intent, the tuning company revealed that it will replace all of the Panamera’s body parts and that it will partner with 9ff, a reputed Porsche tuning company, for engine upgrades, which is also working quite hard and have even released a few videos of its Panamera tuning project.

Source: FancyTuning

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