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The Bentley Continental GT is one superb car, but it seems that the work of art from the British automaker received quite a lot of improvements, courtesy of the Russian tuning house TopCar, which released a special edition of both the GT and the GT Speed, called Bullet.

With no cues from the famous Bullitt Ford Mustang, this tuning package takes car of the aerodynamics and the wheels of the car, with no improvements to the already powerful engines that the two version have. Starting with new air intakes for the hood, and going down with a GT Speed grille to the new front bumper which now sports LED daytime running lights and a lip spoiler, the bodykit also contains side skirts and a rear bumper sporting a diffuser and side air vents.

Other beauty enhancements like the boot lid spoiler, new exhaust tips and darkened front and lights were also fitted, along with the 20-inch standard GT Speed rims which received a darked coat of paint and can now be worn by the normal GT.

If you fancy this tuning package, be prepared to fork out €25,000, or about $37,000 for the bodykit and rims. In case you want carbon fiber parts for your exclusive Bentley, then the price increases to €30,000 ($44,000). And, just in case you still have a bit of money left over, you can adorn your car with the matte black finish, like in the pictures, which will add an extra €7,000 or $10,300 on the bill.

While the Bentley Continental GT is certainly fine car, this new tuning package might make plenty of its owners interested.

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