Toyota and Subaru's sports coupe might get a convertible version |

While most fans considered this fact a no-brainer, it seems that a Toyota executive confirmed that a convertible version of the company’s rear-wheel drive sports coupe, the FT-86, developed in partnership with Subaru, will appear, if demand is strong enough.

We’ve already talked extensively about this joint project, which manifested in Toyota’s case with the FT-86 concept presented at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show and for Subaru in many spy shots and speculative renderings. We’ve also revealed that at least Toyota hasn’t decided on a name, but that it is quite possible that it will be Celica, in an effort to please fans of the famous sports coupe, which was discontinued a few years ago.

While Toyota’s FT-86 will most probably be powered by a 2-liter boxer engine from Subaru, and will feed its power to the rear wheels, according to recent rumors, Subaru will create an all-wheel drive version, powered by a more powerful engine.

But until next year when the FT-86 might enter production, we can’t know for sure any of these things.

Source: AutoTelegraaf via MotorAuthority

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